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Emerging Predatory AI and Bot Technology used by Human Traffickers to Exploit our most Vulnerable Youth

Billy Joe and David joined the BEST Community Collaborative Network Zoom today to share some of their research with their attendees.

Here's the thing. The Internet is dangerous. And parents are tossing their kids into it. I try to explain it's just like dropping your kid off on the side of a megahighway and driving away.

You may think that by giving a child a smartphone, you just “gave your kid access to the internet,” but you really just “gave the internet 24 hour access to your child.

If YouTube has blocked this (because of The Guardian piece on Pegasus), you can watch here.

Here's the details from my notes (click here) and the links to the videos.

The internet is not safe. Phones aren't safe.

Let's start by talking about the thing that no parent wants to have discussed with their child: sex.

Pornography is everywhere.

So much so that “40% of teens agreed ‘it's normal for people my age to share nudes with each other.' ”

Kids sharing nudes (PDF)

https://info.thorn.org/hubfs/Research/Thorn%20SG-CSAM%20Report%20Executive%20Summary.pdf (1 minute)

The bad guys can hack your phone.

SMS texts are particularly dangerous – could include links to install spyware, steal your photos, keylogger so they can steal passwords.

Pegasus software https://youtu.be/JM05KiGMXeQ?t=885 -14:45-16:45 (2 minutes)

Social Media is dangerous at least and deadly at worst

10 seconds – 1:24 Facebook and Meta ignoring the proof that children are being approached sexually

1:24 – 2:40  Instagram groups promote and connect people with these interests. WSJ calls Instagram a “Vast Pedophile Network.” Watch more to learn more.

https://twitter.com/WallStreetApes/status/1726654444941812087 (3 minutes)

AI and Grooming

Artificial Intelligence and automated is coming for you, your children, and your elderly, 24 hours a day, through every internet connection possible.

They are reading your “accumulated data” and deciding if you are a good target: 17:40-19:00 is one example from a gang investigator who was researching how children are targeted on Native American Reservations.

https://youtu.be/JM05KiGMXeQ?t=1057 (2 minutes)

Blackmail, cybercrime (including crypto-scams and sextortion) are completely out of control

This is one way (voice cloning / spoofing) that it can be done through this 60 Minutes piece 20:57-23:03 https://youtu.be/JM05KiGMXeQ?t=1255 (2 minutes)

Crypto scams: ABC from 0-3:10 (up to FBI) 3:10-4:30 starts talking about vulnerabilities

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rOQTCtSe4E (3 minutes)

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