Frequently Asked Questions

On the top menu, select My Courses, and then click the title of your course.

Our courses require you to score 70% on their Final Assessment to receive credit. You receive an email certifying you have successfully completed the course. This certification is proof of successful completion of the course.

If your course offers a Certificate of Mastery, you can earn it by completing the Final Assessment with 100%.

Your Certificate of Mastery can be found in the My Courses tab at the top of the page.

There are no age requirements to take our courses, although we encourage parents of anyone under 18 to review the course.

Register and start an account.

Go to the Shop and purchase the course. Your course can now be found under the tab “My Courses.”

To launch the course, go to the My Courses tab, and click the title of your course.

Full refunds are available for 30 days from date of purchase for any reason at all. Just ask. You shall receive. Just email [email protected].

Any web-enabled and web-connected browser should be all that is required.

If you are reading this online, you should be fine to log in.

Your courses work in your web browser. Potential solutions include rebooting the device, closing and reopening your browser, clearing its cache (instructions for your browser online) or trying another browser. 

If that does not help, just contact us.

All class materials are online and available as long as you have access to the course.

The most up to date prices are in the Shop.

Payment is required before you receive access to your class.

All payment methods are listed on the checkout page. We’re working hard to add more, but if you need help, contact us.