• Human Trafficking Essentials: Two Hour Online Course


    The fundamentals. For everyone.

    Online, self-paced, 120 minutes. An interactive, fact-based, victim-centered, human trafficking awareness and prevention training with measurable learning outcomes.

    While this course is for everyone, we recommend parents review it for those under 18.

    Short Description

    This two-hour certification course is specifically designed for professionals and anyone interested in advancing their knowledge of human trafficking. It covers all the basics everyone in the field should know, and provides pre-course and post-course assessments to show improvement. It includes in-depth information on human trafficking definitions, prevalence, risk factors, vulnerabilities, red flags, and responses. It is victim-centric, measurable, and based upon over a decade of research. The materials are delivered in 30 minutes of video and 90 minutes of instruction and interactive activities.

    More details at pbjlearning.com/hte120