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There are many things you can do to help end human trafficking. Here are a few you can do right this second, for free.

Helping others - young boy helping another young boy climb up a hill

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2) Donate to an awareness charity (or just share their page for free)

PBJ Learning donates courses to Radical Empathy Education Foundation to provide free online training to deserving kids. Radical Empathy does in-person prevention education in person for thousands of students annually, and EVERY $5 they raise provides one online course to augment what they do in person. Slip them a $20 and help save 4 lives.

University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. Room full of students using virtual reality headsets and TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story. UNTHSC.

3) Use Amazon Smile – pick a charity and help for free

If you use Amazon, you can help out the charity of your choice.

We support RADICAL EMPATHY EDUCATION FOUNDATION INCORPORATED. We gift Human Trafficking Essentials courses to them to distribute to deserving schoolchildren.

They donate a % of your purchase. Click here. It feels awesome to help out!

Set your Amazon Smile donation recipient to Radical Empathy Education Foundation