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CR Ep 094: Human Trafficking Preventucation with Billy Joe Cain and NASA UAP Report with Mike Turber

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In the first part of this episode of the Curious Realm host Christopher Jordan welcomes founder of Radical Empathy Education Foundation and co-founder of PBJ Learning, Billy Joe Cain. We discuss recent developments in the cause of human trafficking prevention, and how groundbreaking technologies like Virtual Reality can be leveraged though platforms like TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story to help build empathy for victims, while educating authorities and the public how to identify trafficked individuals.

In the second part of the episode, we welcome Mike Turber, investigator, and head of 5×5 News. We discuss the first official UAP report from the NASA UAP Research Team. What do the findings mean, and what is to be made of the recent possible revelations of alien bodies to the Mexican Congress?

Join the Curious Realm as we delve into the topics of Human Trafficking Preventucation with Billy Joe Cain and the NASA UAP report with Mike Turber.

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[Music] the city of the weird
exploring topics from the esoteric and unexplored to Dimensions unknown
shining a light of Truth on the darkest corners of our reality
welcome to the Curious Realm
thank you hey now's when I'm supposed to hit that
button how you doing everybody welcome back happy Tuesday night
uh we have an amazing guest in studio tonight very good friend of the show he has been good Lord man you've been
coming on the show now for almost six years it is it is mind-blowing I love it
um love it you're you're definitely up there as far as appearances and continuous appearances on the show
um and definitely one of the one of the guests that whenever we have you on numbers creep up for a little while
because of the topic so welcome back to the show Billy Joe Kane everybody numbers up everybody yeah yeah
absolutely notifications there's Billy do all this stuff click it so click it or ticket or
ticket as we say here in Texas so Billy Joe Kane as many of you might know
is the founder of here in Texas he is also
co-founder of PBJ learning feel free to stop on by and check
them out online folks you can you can find them right there online
reefcares.org is radical empty Education Foundation and PBJ learning.com
the topic tonight is a rough one it's a tough one but it's one that I have I
have come to consider a cause of my program Billy and that is that is human trafficking
preventucation it's a big word you got that right prevention education and
that's just it you know trying to get people to understand exactly what human
trafficking is how it is different than the typical situation at the border or
something like that where you know you're talking coyotes and smuggling and that kind of stuff there's a lot of
confusion about the topic and it's and the media isn't doing their job of
trying to educate people in my opinion so it's up to us to get out here and actually try to have that conversation
with people directly so one of the things that I found is is really useful when we start having
conversations about human trafficking is to actually go through the definition of what human trafficking is and human
trafficking is essentially someone unfairly profiting from someone else's
efforts and human trafficking has three requirements according to the National
um the national sorry the tvpa which is a trafficking
victims protection act and those are action means and purpose and an action is essentially having someone or
possessing somebody or presenting somebody for means which could be through Force fraud or coercion like
you're tricking someone or forcing somebody into selling their body or their labor for
sex or sorry sorry selling their body or their or their labor for a commercial
exchange so basically somebody is benefiting from that and so everything
else that you may think about trafficking that it's happening because somebody comes across a border that's not necessarily trafficking unless that
person is being taken to a place where they are actually going to actively be trafficked so still something horrible
so something else absolutely now oddly enough unless you're paying to get across that border yourself
what is trafficking is getting a bunch of people from another country on a bus or a plane and
taking them somewhere under the illusion that hey there's jobs there waiting for you or you know like under coercion that
when you get there it's going to be better than here if someone if if someone financially
benefits from that that is trafficking yeah that's right yeah so and and
it's it the how did you first come to the
realization of this Billy because what the conversation we were just having with my wife Amy
out front as she was saying at least General generationally right now as parents
um we're pretty close to the same age she was like the issue is of course we were brought up with the
we were the generation of after school specials like I I remember the
um the the episode of Different Strokes with the bike you know and the the guy
trying to touch Arnold and things like that right and those conversations happening on TV and happening in after
school specials and but we never heard about human trafficking we heard a lot about drugs
and how you can get them behind the Kroger right right I don't think I knew
exactly where to buy drugs until I saw most of those I said yeah I see what you're saying
and and as Amy was saying it seems to get lumped in with like
child abduction and things like that where where helicopter parents and
people are as same as our parents we're really really worried about child abduction it's like you know your kid's
more than likely going to get you struck by lightning on the playground right before they're abducted in broad
daylight on the playground like that is that is a pretty rare scenario that's like a one and a half one and a half to
two percentile chance yeah I mean and of course and then that you're right it's
it's it's higher in certain areas but that's not really the point the point is it's incredibly low yeah is my mic on or
is it working and coming in full for you because it's it's kind of popping in and out on this ear oh okay here a little bit just I just wanted to make sure so
let me change over okay I'm sure that'll be fine sorry I just want to make sure that everybody's getting good oh yeah
yeah no I'm good but okay so yes that's right that's a that is uh
that's definitely the case yeah yeah and unfortunately because of that it gets
obfuscated it gets hidden away and gets put into the realm of well that's not
something that you should really Panic about because once again abduction cases
are in the low low low percentile however right the chances of your child being socially groomed on
um the chances of your child possibly knowing somebody at their school who
might be trafficked or something like that or that are much greater right and or that your kid is going to be a victim
of sex extortion if they get talked into sending a nude to somebody they could be they could now get in trouble for
creation of child pornography I mean there's a lot of things that are that are that are very significant that are
not human don't rise to the to the cause of human trafficking necessarily but they all do get lumped into the same
thing and I think there's there's something going on and I'm trying to really put my finger on it but when uh
people are thinking about human trafficking now it's it seems like they are putting that on uh
like a q Anon sort of level when all of those other things that we're talking about the social bullying the social
extortion and things like that that stuff is extremely real and it's
extremely manipulative and it's happening on a broad scale that is unimaginable on the internet with AI
with chat Bots with automated tools the number of things that the number of
vectors that your kid or you or your adult you know elderly parents are being
attacked through all our part and parcel of things that could lead to human trafficking human
trafficking is just the bullseye for all of this stuff yeah and it's like for some reason it's all kind of just getting lumped over into the oh no
shouldn't worry about that it was like no man there are certain things that are extremely real like your kid if your kid
has access to the internet your child is in danger if you can if they can get SMS texts
back and forth if as soon as they get one SMS text that they click on that kid could be going down a pornography Road
they could be getting tricked into doing things that that you would never expect I mean there was a kid recently that had
come back the family came home for vacation and in the middle of the night the sun got talked into
exposing himself through the internet and they blackmailed him and so he
killed himself like boom you wake up and you you wake up and your kid was murdered by somebody on the internet you
know and it's like they're they use our very human need for love and attention and affection against us
well and and that Everybody isn't perfect and who's who has any sort of uh
uh Armament or armor for this stuff unless your your parents are like psychiatrists or psychologists and they
are you know teach you from Forever it's like they're more sophisticated than we are that's all there is to it this is
what they do for a living well well yeah and you know unfortunately the people that do
things like this be be they things like that there there is a
a sociological need inside of there psychologically that that leads them
to that point of one of control you know and something gets them under their
control that's absolutely right and it's done psychologically as you said yeah it's it's a slow process it doesn't just
happen it doesn't just happen yeah they develop your trust over a period of years possibly a prime example is is
Chung Kim or good friend if you're out there listening Chong hello she says hi I just talked to her this morning so yes
awesome and yeah you know she she was a young
person who fell in love with somebody and he he dazzled her and had a uniform
and all kinds of things and once she was away from home and on her own with
him and somewhere where she couldn't support herself without him things like that this story changed
um and slowly and surely she was pulled into the world of that yep
um and and yeah it doesn't take a whole lot it doesn't take a whole lot like you
said it's that it's that I mean even we talk about it on the show all the time
the the want of confirmation of belief you know
um that can take us to Wild places as human beings and to interesting
acceptances in our own mind of behavior oh yeah I mean like well a lot of
people I know are tired of listening to me talk about slavery so it's like every it's like give me a topic and I'll connect it to it somehow right and but
it's like the more of this world that you see you know
um it's it's hard to it's hard to not see it anymore it's hard it's hard to pretend it isn't there and I think
what's happening is some people their eyes sort of get open to it and they see it for a second and they're like oh no no no I can't look there you know I
don't want to think about where my X Y or Z comes from you know it's hard it's
hard to think about it really is it really is because sometimes as a consumer it's not your choice that that
came from slaves no did you realize you know most of the cacao is picked by slaves most of the lithium in the world
yeah is mine and through what do they call artisanal Minds yeah they're not
they're not industrial mines they're artisanal oh that sure sounds nice doesn't it that means it's done by hand
let me and it also means that they're destroying somewhere beautiful oh yeah and amazing by hand with their children
you know the artisanal Spring right there yeah seasonal man come on yeah and
what we don't like you said it is a CD underbelly and and like we were saying
in our conversation outside the the thing that I think most people are not
ready to accept in their life and and in their consciousness
Billy is that slavery never stopped never stopped never stopped worse than
it's ever been right where's it mainly because at least when you're talking in the ancient world things like that where
slavery was a common practice like there were laws that protected slaves like
yeah like they were considered a part of the household things like that in most cultures that had slay and I am not a a
proponent of slavery people believe me I'm just saying that like when you get
to chatel slavery here in the United States things like that it was it was a pretty it stood out a lot because that's
not the way that slaves were typically treated and and to know that yeah slavery
still fully exists and that you were a part of that chain that's a hard nut to swallow man that's
a hard enough I mean just look at our carceral system I mean look how many prison how many prisoners do we have
that are being paid a fair wage for what they're what's going on no these people are they're all if they're working it's
generally wage slavery if the very least but that is slavery yeah that is labor
trafficking and the the numbers are so bad I mean I've done so much research on this recently I have you know as you
know we have a knowledge Vault on pbjlearning.com and that knowledge Vault includes easy ways for you to access
some of these topics so there we have categories and tags that are really easy to get to
um and is something I highly recommend that you look up uh
every article that is on there I sourced from major news outlets and Specialty
groups that know what the heck it is that they're talking about so inside of there you can read everything it's
free you don't have to register anything like that to become to to become a member to get any of this stuff but it
is absolutely fascinating finding out what is going on in America so I pull all these articles off of the news and I
get rid of all the ads and all the other junk and it just brings just brings the stories into our environment so that all
these things are interconnected so you can easily access the things that are going to be related to it but the the
prison slavery in America is just unbelievable the amount of amount of Labor trafficking that we're that we're
putting people through Starbucks uniforms McDonald's uniforms all kinds of things call centers Etc you know if
those people are working they should be paid a living wage no they're not and and all the other
things that they're that are happening to those people I mean they are essentially if you think about it they're in a company town
you know you got to pay whatever it costs to to use the phone you got to pay whatever it costs you know to get the
tablet to be able to look out you got to pay what it costs at the you know it's like dude that's just that's not right
yeah I mean it's just not right and it might as well be a company town there it
is from the San Diego Union Tribune on the front lines of some of the deadiest fires raging in California our
inmates getting paid two dollars a day and only up until a few years ago
they were un ineligible to become firefighters when they got out yeah yeah exactly and there's also despite their
raging experience helping put out massive forest fire if you want to dig further into that you're going to find
out that there are prisoners that were kept in prison because they wanted them to keep taking care of the forest fires and
you're like how can you do that that doesn't seem right at all absolutely and the thing is that all all of these
things that I'm bringing up or that we're discussing you can research them yourself I have them online so that you
can easily find them we are anything but alarmist
um if you find something that seems alarmist on our site it's usually because we put it there so that you
would have it as a reference to what's going on in pop culture and generally it's even labeled as such
the thing is that in when I started finding out anything about human trafficking I did not know where to go
for information yeah I didn't know what's trust everything seemed like it was just a a giant mess
um some some resources that were up were only up for a couple of months or a couple of years and nobody's ever
updated anything so I I'm I'm determined that we're going to change that absolutely and and what I
love is hearing stories like I did earlier um
where sheriffs are like I need this to be able to train all of my officers like
right and and and you know people people in state legislatures are looking to you
to bring this stuff to light yeah so it's fantastic and I just popped up while you were talking the the
Philadelphia Inquirer story about the judges this was like back in 2000 the judges that
were actively selling kids into for-profit facilities I I saw that it's
unbelievable I mean again yeah it's just another example of this is happening right in front of our eyes yep
um if you just open them up and look you're gonna see that this is what's what's really happening and it's
everywhere if you're an RSS user folks like myself I mean number one if you are you should be subscribed to rrss feed
um got that right same here PBJ learning.com and that's just it what I was going to
say is go follow fbi.gov follow their RSS yeah guaranteed you will see at
least one human trafficking bust across the country a week and I mean to the point of like they
have big ones okay huge ones there was the one a couple months ago in Atlanta where they like freed 200 kids so okay
so let's let's maybe that's one of them and maybe it's not but it's that's indicative of a large bus that they do
so they do large bus with large groups of people they coordinate and they do they do amazing work to to put an end to
these people and and these types of people I want to caution anyone that is
thinking that that's that that's actually helping people we gotta have a realistic
conversation it's not even a dent you're right and
it's possible that a lot of those people were you know sex workers by choice and that does happen and there you know
there's nothing necessarily wrong I'm sorry I mean I have my concerns about 200 trafficking victims including 59
missing kids yeah that's what I'm saying and that was that and that's August
yeah and the question really is what happened to those people
you know there was not what now well I mean like I'm on a a large number of uh
coalitions and I I read constantly things that are sent to our our major groups and we have problems sometimes uh
having like one bed for somebody in a state yeah and like they're talking about how they've got they found 200
victims I I don't have the time to do it maybe one of these days I will but I'd like to
find out what happened with those victims yeah how many of those you know were really or were they
potentially sex trafficking you know what I'm saying there's so many questions that need to be answered yeah but it makes a heck of a headline
and then you don't find out what really happened you know did those people get help what services did they get did they
go back to their trafficker were they in situations you know what I'm saying yeah it's like this is just the beginning of
what should be like a massive like undertaking to find out what happened to those 200 people and I
is is some of what's happening right now I hope silly um
before we get into trapped and everything else yeah the Appleseed program let's talk about trafficking
in the headlines and in the news right now because there has been some interesting articles happening number
one there was the huge bust of Andrew Tate right and and like on human trafficking
charges we've never heard anything more of galane Maxwell
her I think her I think they sealed her case for a hundred years something like that but I'm not even joking I really
believe that's what really happened yeah but what's interesting is the the
number of people like like for instance Russell Brand right now right going
through what he's going through the conversation we were having earlier outside you know like he is he is highly
connected to people like the royal family and and they are highly connected
to people like Jimmy Seville who right who for decades people were saying like
he is a pedophile he is trafficking children to Stars things like that right
now one of the people that that is accusing Russell Brand was a teenager
when things happen right right now we're we're looking at the the case of
the sound of Freedom producer I just brought up the Curious realm
group hey folks if you ever want to just find these things that we talk about feel free to hop over to Facebook follow
the Curious realm group and just search search the group there really is the place to be all
the articles about the sound of freedom and this goes back to a month or
so ago that that yeah one of the producers
uh apparently was involved with an underage trapping victim
that's not good that's it's not good it's not good not when the movie is about anti-trafficking and I I have
floated the concept I have floated the concept Billy of
this is just my conspiratorial mind going well before before you say that I'm going to say I don't know what this
guy did or didn't do you've been following this case I know but this this I don't have any idea if he did it I
mean no no no there should be a whole bunch of allegations
I hope he did not do anything same you know and I hope that this isn't a smear
campaign by somebody else that's just you know what I'm saying it's like and there's so many levels to all these things that it's so difficult to really
get to the truth I hope that we get to the truth and I hope the truth of this guy is is Innocent but who knows
yeah you know I mean that sucks that is not good for that
show no no it's not good for the movie especially not good for the cause
yeah it's not good for the cause either and and makes everybody look like especially with the
especially with the fame that the movie was gathering the traction that it was
gathering like it outperformed movies like mission impossible oh that movie
should not have made that much money it should not have should not it should not have especially coming up from an
independent Christian studio right the and up against movies like that it should like
good God Indiana Jones got buried by Batman like yeah
yeah you know so yeah so it's one of those like for the fact that it hit the rungs that it did
media wise was incredible and it was doing such great amazing things for the
Cause right I believe as far as people saying wow this is a legitimate thing
right like I've heard about this and now there's a movie about it wow wow like
this is a real thing then this slamming the brakes on all of
that to me it's one of those I don't know like I said my conspiratorial brain
immediately goes to well in a medium was all of this made so that it could come
out in public and so that the cause could be discredited oh dude there is no
doubt that that could have happened because the the thing I have said on this show since since we were dudes and
beer is you can be angry about those those emails
all all that that you want from the Democratic party all the pizzagate emails everything else
the the pizza parlor was fake no worries
that's correct oh however there were a whole bunch of other allegations in there about human
trafficking and things like that that were not addressed and we're never
really addressed as like well well that's not real Pizza gate is kind of one of those
things that you could see is like a limited hangout where it was like a lot a lot of things around it were real
enough but that one thing wasn't except that the thing is that no they really do
order children like pizzas they do just not from that location I would assume
yeah so it's like yeah but it made us a thing but the fact that the pizza parlor was part of it all of a
sudden makes all of it sound crazy yes you know what I'm saying yes so it's like so maybe this this guy is is put in
as an investor so that later they can discredit the entire movement yeah man anything like that's possible you know
there's there's especially schemes that happen on this the names be being named in things like
Elaine Maxwell's case in in cases like oh God who was the other movie
producer there was another one recently that was that was like huge that went down
um I can't recall I can't recall as well not Weinstein yes okay Weinstein yes
um yeah like there and and there were people like you know Emmanuel Lewis or
not a not Emmanuel Lewis Gary Coleman people like that who who raised the
alarm on this stuff years ago Corey Feldman yeah like and oh my gosh if you talk
to him he's in town but if you talk to him now you're going to be in the crazy world I know what I'm saying so it's
like you can't talk to him he's like one why can't you talk to somebody and get their story
and why can't why can't you believe and and that's just it is that there there have been people that have been
sidelined on this topic in Hollywood and in Upper rungs for a long time we're
like oh no no no they're a crazy person they're a crazy person okay and I
I don't know things like this once again my conspiratorial mind immediately
goes to with all of that hitting the news
more attention to it more attention to it more attention to it people are paying attention and poof now it's all
you're crazy the number of college scientists that were not even cursorally connected
like deep connected to Jeffrey Epstein like people who like lead MIT Labs
things like that like right it was freaky it was freaky well that was that day was throwing
money around and he wasn't throwing his money around he threw in somebody else's money around and it's it's one of those
like it reaches High it reaches really really really high
um and and yeah you know pizzagate sounds like a crazy thing it was really one of the one of the seeds that that
begat the Q Anon movement it really was things like that which is like once
again where where people get caught up is like it's tied with Q Anon stuff like that
um even we were talking outside even Jim caviezio from the movie
and here's the thing I'm not God bless him because because we live in America you know it's yeah you can wait to wake
up and think anything you want right he his the thing is say anything yeah well
that's true I mean you can but there are there are there are some limits and well there are definitely repercussions no
doubt there's definitely repercussions but I mean it's as far as him I mean
a lot of the things he says are verifiably true verifiably true yeah and
every so often he says something that's a little much and it's like okay that probably
would have been nice if you hadn't said that one thing because it's like it's too it's too much yeah you know the
adrenochrome thing is the one that gets me I mean I have I have talked and talked and talked to people and so far
no one I know has been able to prove in any way shape or form that that actually
is done and is effective but the thing is that it doesn't matter if it's
effective it matters if somebody thinks it's effective well you know and and and
you know I don't know are doing all of those things to Children granted oh my
gosh if people think that I I've worked at the state hospital I know what happens when mentally ill people are
left to their own games they will do things and if you have power and you and
you have freedom to do things because you'll just get away with stuff so I don't know what people are really doing
I haven't seen it myself but who knows how much well and granted I want to do a whole adrenal Chrome so
um because they're they're is that hypothesis out there and don't get me wrong I think that there's
definitely a I got one guy I want to introduce you to for that they're okay okay I want I would love for you to talk
to him I would love to talk to him yeah we'll talk about that after the show yeah we will
um but the idea that and and yes there
there are some vampiric parts of society there are some parts of society that I'm
not saying that like anybody's being killed in a Satanic ritual to have their
adrenochrome harvested from their adrenal however are they being
trafficked and tortured in order to possibly draw that blood from them after
they've been tortured when it is heightened with adrenochrome and everything in it that's what I'm saying
is weather weather that is a going hypothesis for whether or not it
actually would reverse your aging okay which is I think the big fantasy whether or not it did that it doesn't even
matter because if they are torturing children then that just has to stop yes that's
all I'm saying let's let's just conversation for dinner we don't need to go down the crazy part let's just stop
children from being tortured period how about we start there well I mean definitely there's there's that that old
vampiric tradition of the fact of yes the drinking of the blood is what gives you immortality this is more of the fact
of there is no better High yeah you ain't gonna get a better High
than off of adrenochrome and off of somebody else's adrenochrome is is apparently the that's the thing
Super Fresh yeah yeah who knows man once again
um even even that could be a placebo for crying out loud you know with 30 of all drugs aren't like a placebo effect right
so it's like wait a minute yeah Sweet and Low I know it tastes like
adrenochrome who knows what's going on in those people's heads man if they're doing any anyway oh well look I I
want to I want to take a couple seconds to be serious just for a second yes because this topic it could rapidly make
somebody think that I'm like some crazy person and I want to share with somebody I wanted to share that so I I worked at
the Austin State Hospital for almost a year and I was there when we did
intake on a young young girl in her mid-20s who had been locked in a cage
her entire life and only used for rituals and I read all of her paperwork
I was absolutely fascinated by this I talked to all of the people that did the intake to find out what happened and
apparently she her parents were using her in Satanic rituals since she was
born and they kept her in a cage and this was the first time that she had ever been out of their home
so I it doesn't matter to me whether there is a heaven or hell or God or
devil it what matters is that people are treating each other like well because
that's evil example that's right people that is evil and that evil infects
people and makes them do it further yeah so whether there's a good or evil thing
going on that's really happening and that behavior is definitely evil so I have I have a lot of people that are
very concerned about you know the good side losing to the bad side and the bad side doing certain things and this stuff
is a cancer man it is it is and once once again even to see how it
it has like it destroys economy I mean the idea of the sound of Freedom
situation is a straight or a Boris man like it is the snake bite in its own tail it's crazy like it
it just numbs my mind numbs my mind and once again and he's not the only one that has some accusation against him not
the only one in the film production that does this unbelievable there's a couple and you know like we were talking about
with Amy let me ask her a question let me ask a question how clean do you have to be
like I mean like can can a movement be squashed like that by by chopping off
people you know all the way through it I mean like it's like oh this person got it absolutely by discrediting people
this person sped in a school zone and that person doesn't recycle great what I'm saying is like the accusations are a
bit larger than speeding into school zone I understand but my point is like where where is these drugs in a school
zone that could be that could be a different story but did they go to prison for it and pay their debt to
society you know there's a million questions for this that doesn't that this is social this is still bad what's
here that's bad terrifying I'm just saying there's a there is a point at which you kind of got to go
are they just digging up something on everybody because everybody's got something in a closet yeah yeah and and
like I mean these are bad things like my wife it could be the fact that he got tied up
in something like that come to find out later that he he is doing this to help
clear his conscience and that's why he got behind this movie you know I mean I could make up a reason too you know but
he was like I don't know and once again there should be a lot of alleged yeah on these headlines a lot of alleged on
these headlines no doubt about it we cannot we cannot be part of the parties Billy that
um convict from a story you know I don't want to do that or hear that we got to hear the facts that's right I do that
really is what it's all about staying calm in the in the middle of the big mess and that's just it because this is
everything well once you start digging into this man it is
it is a hot Tater of a mess is the only way to put it like it is
it's all over the place it blows my mind let's start getting into statistics
things like that Billy okay so the one of the most quoted
statistics is that they believe that human trafficking is 150 billion dollar
a year profitable industry and so that's money that's being taken out of the
out of the pockets of all of the people that are that are being trafficked worldwide so as far as any real
statistics because this is it's illegal and it's covered up and many
people don't even know they're being trafficked or don't even know what trafficking is because they've been living in it for their entire lives they
don't even know how to estimate it so they're just doing the best guesses
they can based on the based on the numbers that they can find so everything can be off wildly and some of the some
of the research that's done is limited in scope it's limited in
the amount of money that they had and sometimes they're sometimes they're they're looking for the things that
they're only looking for the things they know they're going to find so it's you know so the statistics are are not that great but they show that there's over 20
million people enforced marriages you know because that's also considered human trafficking if you're somebody
benefited somebody especially if there was a dowry involved yeah that's right and you know one of the things that's
that another statistic about it is 88 of people that are trafficked report
having seen a medical professional while they were being trafficked another another surprising statistic
is the oh I I always get I was bogged down on
on statistics oh I think it's it's over 60 percent of people that are being
trafficked new their trafficker yeah before they were trafficked and I'm not
sure the exact number but somewhere around 40 percent of people are being trafficked by a family member
it's like what is going on and a lot of that that it's called familial
trafficking or inter-familial trafficking or whatever but it basically means that you are you are being taken
advantage of by somebody in your family and that could be for labor you know like your family may just decide that
you're just never going to get paid for working for your entire life and that's just how it is you know or it could be funny I
thought I saw some hay that wasn't cut yeah exactly there's some there's some crazy stuff
um but but there are too many family members
that are trafficking their children to pay for their drug habit that came from
the Oxycontin crisis and so it's just like I mean we are our
country is is being hollowed out by this it's it is affecting our our citizens
it's a it's a bad thing yeah and you know the only the only answer to this is
to prevent it we have to get in front of this and we have to teach people how to
acknowledge that they have vulnerabilities that someone could take advantage of that's just that's it yeah
that I think if if I could get anything across to somebody it would be just acknowledge that you have
vulnerabilities here are some examples you know hey you're broke you haven't paid your you haven't paid your rent in
two months almost anything looks like a good idea to make money yeah you know it's like oh it's because I'm extra
vulnerable right so it's like if you can get people to think about that like oh I'm on I'm online and I'm lonely wait
a minute now why am I clicking on all these these weird ads and things like this it's like dude you need to not
recognize and acknowledge that you have vulnerabilities yes yes and it's like and that's as a parent
that's one of the things that you want to teach your children it's like teach your kids how to acknowledge and recognize that they have vulnerabilities
yeah you know and if you can do that your program not programming but you're you're teaching your kid how to think
for themselves in these situations that they're going to encounter forever it's
gonna happen 24 hours a day on your kids cell phone they could be bashed by SMS
messages with very nasty links I am trying to find pardon me for being on my
cell phone right now you know that this is not I don't know what I was thinking I was wondering what SMS listener thing
you were going to pull up and I got a bad one the other day I was I was actively looking because you know I take
pictures of them every time I see them but I was looking for the last human trafficking sign I saw
um which was not that long ago where I was right I was at a hotel and right saw it in the bathroom
um and you're starting to see them more and more where it's like hey look out for this it is shocking to hear the
number of persons with lived experience
that will tell you that they never had anybody tell them how
to get a question they never even asked them are you okay yeah and I'm like how is that even possible and they're like
yeah just for years when people would just pretend like these things weren't happening right in front of them and they would just ignore it I was just
like man and they and so they said when they saw when they see those stickers that just says hey by the way do you
need help they're like oh my God it was the first time I've ever thought about anything I'm like you're talking about something that's effective it's a
sticker I am trying to remember who it was was it QT that I just saw there
there there was like almost like a travel plaza type place it's all around
the country that actually has like a safe room
where you go up right you go up with your stuff to purchase and if you're being trafficked you let them know and
they ain't telling anybody where you're at until the cops get there the only person that's going to be walking in
that room as a police officer and it's like hell yes awesome that
does sound just crazy it sounds awesome though to me yeah it does it does sound awesome I think they there's a few
places that also take babies too there's some they have like a safe space so they're like they will accept a kid but
yeah that's great I mean that's yeah those giant travel plazas are dangerous
man you were just saying that that wasn't that was wanting to train their Truckers
um the well let's see so right now what's going on the state of Texas has
passed a law saying that if you are going to get a if you're going to start doing ride share to get onto
their system you have to have some human trafficking training so they just they just approved a course and so we're
actually we're actually working on that and we've been talking with uh
someone that works with the Department of Transportation who is interested in building some online courses to do uh
you know possibly inspections and teach people how to inspect Vehicles because apparently their their industry is
enormous and the they will also need all this human trafficking training which we can
just throw in there but the thing is that it's I mean these guys are the eyes and ears of our nation yeah there's
he tells me and I'm sure this number is wrong but it's like this there's nine million truckers in the US and whoever
has happens to be typing you know if you're if you're online right now tell us the answer how many truckers are in
the United States I'm on Google right now man let me look at it here we go so the other thing the other
interesting thing was he said that there are also a number of independent
trucking companies right so he said how many independent trucking companies do you think there are in America 3.5
million truckers as of 2021 3.5 truckers 3.5 million 3.5 million
yeah I think the number that he's I think he's talking about the number of people that are in the industry but I'm
gonna find out because yeah there's probably just significantly this is probably just otrs not people doing
local routes things like that yeah because you know because when we're talking about the the trucking industry
we're talking about everybody yeah maybe a local florist that yeah you're even talking about your local UPS game
anybody so yeah I think well you see that'd be a great great thing for somebody to tell us because I'd love to
know why one person says why wouldn't you want your local UPS guy to be able to spot a trafficking victim heck yeah
guess who's probably answering the door for the UPS guy well yeah because there's that's their eyes are everywhere
is that like and you can ask people like Chung Kim folks you can you could she is
perfectly available online and an amazing person but like nobody questioned
people came to the door she answered the door she wasn't like right fearful of
that it was just a common thing you know and and that's just it that's that's
I think what what the misnomer in people's head is Billy is that we are
expecting somebody like with the with a chain and a dog collar around them and a
mask on or something like that you know right we're expecting somebody in a cage yeah that's right like like that young
lady that you worked with and that's not the case no like these kids yeah like
they they go to school this is a commonplace thing in their life so much that it is now normalized to them yeah I
mean these children some of them are trafficked on their way home from school and that's that's what they do on their way home from school is they have a
neighbor that takes advantage of them or sells them at their house I mean there's all kinds of ways that this works out but it is not like you said it's not a
cage that is general that is like so rare it's unbelievable but it is but it does happen and it's
Street it's not like somebody's coming up at the playground and like snatching the kid in a van and taking off another
blackmail you they have something on you they know something about you but you'll
do anything to get them to not tell somebody it's I mean it's typical blackmail I will give two examples from
my life one of them involves my son where and yeah we were talking earlier
you know he plays Minecraft things like that on his tablet he's like six all the parental locks are on things like that
um but there was one game that it installed at one point that that
we installed with him that nowhere on it did it say it was cooperative or
Community or anything like that and and I mean the boy like narrates while he
plays like seriously yeah I'm about to make him a digital Avatar and just start recording it and posting it
um but I mean so we thought it was that and
then he answered a question and answered another question uh-oh and he was like oh I live in Austin
and I was like yo yo yo yo let me see that thing son and yeah it was like a chat going on
verbal chat too yeah wow like with my six-year-old son
um this was just before your last appearance on this show wow no violation
um so it was like okay no no no no no no I'm not I'm not
I'm sorry the kid can't play the game yeah I'm sorry for that because he was thoroughly enjoying me I just don't
understand why there isn't a parental lock on that I mean that just doesn't make sense to me oh no I'm sure that
there is okay it was just the fact of nowhere in the description of the game
did it say anything about Community chat be a part of a team or anything like that yeah you would have steered away so
we would have never been installed you know like we have all parental locks on
his tablet like so there was that and then there was a situation with my niece many years ago
like 2012. where I was on social media she'd had
a couple friends she had one friend commit suicide one die in a car accident
my God from drunk driving another one attempts suicide it was it was a bad year for her
um as like her sophomore year in high school and she posted something
on social media about being down or something like that about missing her friend
um and this dude popped up whose comment just didn't didn't seem
right like he was about my age something like that and it was just very like as
someone who's been a youth Minister someone who's dealt with parents things like that at the time I wasn't a parent
um but still my alarm went off of like parents don't talk to kids like this in
a moment like that right like if Spider Sense went off yeah and I was like hey
Randy like you should go check out your your daughter's Facebook profile like
there's this dude on there that is is really asking her to like hey yeah
you know message me feel free to give me a call on Facebook Messenger if you want like we can talk and that kind of stuff
and it's like I don't know any parent that yeah anybody trying to get you off of that off of that platform that is a
that's a dead giveaway yeah so I sent it to my brother and he started digging and sure enough this dude was like 28 29
years old didn't have any friends that were over the age of 20.
um they were all in the 16 to 19 range most of them ladies
um things like that and he was like hey bud and send him a screenshot it was like I see you
um right you need to let this fish go like good job I'm telling you right now I
will contact the authorities and I never saw the dude again but it
was one of those like that was my first experience where it was like wow it happens just that fast just that fast
um and they are they it is a sociopathic mentality I helped a uh
I helped a young woman put up her LinkedIn profile and like within moments
of her putting her picture up there she was getting hit on by some dude who was clearly her Elder yeah and I had to
write the guy myself and just be like dude what are you thinking
you know and he backed off but I was like that was just so weird well it wasn't like one of those spammy or
scam faces you know it's like this is like a real person I was like Ugh creepy yeah anyway all the time all the time
and that's just it like it's pervasive it's pervasive and you
can't keep a track of all of it you can't no I mean there's I mean I wish I had I don't have all the stats like
right on off the top of my head but the the amount of nudes and requests
for nudes that's happening for children and for people that they don't even know anything about and that and they even
say that they think that are adults is is crazy it's like some I mean it's way
over 50 percent you know that these kids are getting these things constantly yeah and you're just like I mean
what the hell yeah yeah and and that's just it like
you had your own experience with your children which is what led you to build
trapped yeah let's get into the software let's get into helping build
empathy through VR because not many not many people might be familiar with that
concept or how VR can actually help trigger the emotive centers of the brain
yeah you're right about that you know I actually I actually got into this
field because you know we had a personal experiences you know as you were saying we um
I was working on a project for a friend of mine and we had a landline going to
the house and so he would call the landline and I would get if the phone would get given to me and sometimes
he called a cell phone but one time so my boss was calling me but
sometimes he talked to the kids because he had known us you know known them for a long time and uh
turned out that this guy was a sex predator and we blocked him and we did
everything we could to try to to teach the kid I mean I don't want to go into all the details it's pretty it's
not good but I realized that the thing that that
was happening was it was called what was happening is he was my children and what that is is a slow psychological
um you know turn towards normalcy of talking about sex and then eventually uh
possibly using that person you know sexually or even all the way up to and including human trafficking so the um
the whole thing was that I didn't understand how to teach the
kids anything about what grooming was and how that felt and we looked at a bunch of movies and and read some books
and tried the best we could and did some role playing and things like that but there really wasn't a way to educate
people about grooming and so when I got into working in VR as you said VR has the ability to help you be in somebody
else's shoes so you can experience something from their perspective which gives you the ability to see the world
from their Viewpoint and as I started learning more about grooming and how
um how the psychology works and what was all about and how people's vulnerabilities are being taken advantage of as I as I was doing
um interviews of people all across the United States it turns out that when
somebody is trauma bonded to a controller or trafficker they see the world differently than we
do so when you see a cell phone you think oh that cell phone means go get some help to them that's all that
cell phone represents a ball and chain because they have to keep that cell phone with them all the
time because if their traffic or texts them they have to be able to text them immediately backwards or back back to
them they have to take pictures of themselves to Post online so that they're doing their own they're they're doing all their own advertising
on their social media it is it is ridiculous how different the world looks to a trafficking victim
versus what it looks like to us in fact there's even a term for it they call they say that they're in the game or the
life and we are in the Square world so we're all squares and really what's
happening is when they see the police they won't go ask for help they won't they they will not go out the front door
and you're thinking why won't you go out the front door and it's like oh this is this guy's gonna beat me you know and so it's like what we do in this VR
experience to try to to try to get somebody to actually have an emotional experience with a with a situation is
we provide we provide them this young woman we explained we provide an
opportunity to spend time with this young woman named Lisa who she meets a boy online well she thinks it's a boy
but really it's a it's a professional Predator who's out to out to traffic her and he recognizes all of her
vulnerabilities that she's busy posting online I'm you know my parents are divorced my mom's never home I don't get
any attention nobody loves me you know Etc now all these things that are basically saying hey I just need some
attention and I'll do anything you want and that's exactly what winds up happening this guy comes in convinces
her that he loves him tricks her into sneaking out with him and then eventually tricks her into using into selling
herself for sex and all the while psychologically convincing her that he loves her and that she's doing all of
that for him to help to help them and their relationship which is completely psychotic but it is it is what happens
to people and so this experience takes about 20 minutes and then you once you
understand and you have this connection to the topic you are actually more interested in trying to do something and
learn something about the topics so that's what we're we're we're proud to say that we've been we've been
doing this for seven years now six years so I'm gonna go with six years and we've
uh and we're in 10 states now we are fine we finally hit our 10th State this month that's awesome man so many times
like I've said so many times I have loved watching the Journey of this technology watching the Journey of this
model of Education because once again and I've sat through education like I
told you about the Veritas Veritas training things like that that happen for the Catholic Church whenever you're
a volunteer that kind of stuff I've sat through numerous trainings about ethics with kids things like that
um never really a topic that was broached never really something that was brought up whenever I was being trained
to be in a classroom with children right things like that it was it I mean we
learned to spot signs of somebody who might be emotionally abused or something like that but not not on this scale yeah
you know we thought so my wife she has she has a a bad history of child
abuse and so her from her perspective she's like when she was a kid she felt
like she never saw anything that said anything about child abuse you know so it didn't feel like there were big posters everywhere you're saying
anything about that but eventually there were some and now you now you see them a little more often
um and it's kind of how it feels like with human trafficking it's like that wasn't even on the radar at all till 22
until the year 2000 when they put it into law so when all of a sudden the term human trafficking became the word
that people used because of the tvpa so it's like yeah when we were kids nobody
even thought about calling it this stuff I mean it would they would have I guess they would have had to have been going on a lemon calling it slavery yeah right
yeah if they can even convince somebody it's real or or just abduction yeah you
know right which is what most of it fell under legally was abduction that
kind of stuff they were kidnapping you know but the labor trafficking it's like going
what what was what was that considered before yeah I should probably know the answer to that question I'm gonna go
find out well and you know once again even though I sat through trainings and
watched videos and things like that this is a thick meaty topic and not a
comfortable one to talk about it's not like it's not like here's what you do here's what you don't do
um like most of the trainings that you go to like that right even even the the topic itself is a
good 15-20 minutes before you can even get into it just introducing the idea of
the topic right so trying to get somebody in 20 minutes to a understand
what trafficking is right exactly what trafficking is
and to be able to give them that empathetic experience where it's like wow I want to know more
um yeah that because that's the main thing is not just walking away with well you know wow that's a thing that
there's nothing I can do about it the to have them walking away and wanting to
know more wanting to go through training because what's incredible we've been we've been incredibly blessed to be at
um a large number of public events where we get to train the public and we have families come up and the parents and the
kid will all go through the the VR experience and uh
like we had one mom would come she came through and she she said yeah I'm interested to learn more about this
topic I don't really know anything about it you know I don't think this could possibly be happening to us we're like
that's cool you know and so she puts the headset on and she gets she gets she gets halfway through it and she is just
crying and crying and she's like she's like this is happening in my house and I'm like what so she runs away
actually she didn't say this happening in her house she ran away crying and came back
and said I wanna I wanna finish this thing we're like what's going on she says well I didn't think this could
possibly have anything to do with me but I realized that my daughter is sneaking out at night and she's hanging out with
people that I don't know who they are and I didn't realize that it could potentially be this bad yeah you know
and she was like she's like I'm not spending enough time with my daughter I've I've got three jobs I need to quit
one of my jobs and and get to know who my daughter is yeah and then she finished she went through the rest of
the experience had to stop again because she had she got too emotional but she went through a third time she came back and finished
the whole thing and she came back the next year and and told us that she had made those changes in her life Wow
incredible I mean even if it's one person that it helped yeah you know even if it's just that one person I feel like
we're doing the right thing here well let's get into your seed program a little bit because that's the latest thing and it's such an incredible
success I've loved seeing you travel across the coast country going to all of these licenses and being able to put a
box in their hands yeah it's it's it's really interesting because the topic is as my my friend Dallas Snell
says Radioactive you know people are just not interested in it yeah but the the and the technology is also a
little bit scary to people because they don't know what virtual reality is so they they're a little nervous about it but once somebody tries this they see
that this has enormous benefits because you're getting 20 minutes
non-stop to spend with us with a person with lived experience I mean it's all of course it's a it's a story but it's
based on real events and real situations but they're getting to be like
directly interacting with them and even if it's nothing else they are in a
completely enclosed environment and there are no physical distractions from them there's no no little squirrels
running in front of them they're not thinking about their phone getting into text you have 20
completely immersive minutes with this with this learner and they absorb this
complicated material at their own pace that's what's epic I I never thought
about that until I until we had done this and then I started taking a couple
of extra courses some online classes I was like oh I need to we need to learn how to make an I started
experimenting with them and and I'm like it's like they just show after video of just horrible fact after
horrible fact after horrible fact and just like oh my gosh oh here's a voiceover here's a voiced over PowerPoint but but it's but it's too
much yes it's coming at you and it's and it's too much well the thing is there and and this is just something this is
just from my time as a teacher Billy right they're auditory learners
there's visual Learners there's tactile Learners right and
they all they all cross over you know I am an auditory tactile learner if I can
like I can be doing something and hear other things and absorb that information
yep but for me it's the tactile part if I can touch it and do it right I'll
learn it three times faster there are people out there who learn faster from a book and from diagrams and and from a
PowerPoint the and absorb the information faster that way yeah that's right and and yeah you know most people
don't realize if you go to a good Retreat if you go to a go to a good training event you're
gonna get a break every 25 minutes because that's basically the chunklet
that your brain operates in before it needs to shift gears yeah I see that before you need to switch activities
okay everybody let's break up into group and let's talk about that for 10 minutes
and then you come back and you decompress that and then you take a break and then you come back and you have an activity that reinforces what
you just talked about right things like that so that you are activating everybody's Learning Center
everybody's getting to learn and the problem is there's a huge part
that you ain't gonna learn from any PowerPoint the only way you're going to learn it is this the only way
you're going to learn it is being there or having the experience of talking with
experiences right yeah that's it yeah and one of the things that that I
launched on this whole I I've taken probably 200 courses online and in
person and webinars and and seminars and events and and individual conversations with people and almost
without fail the best presentations start with a way to get people to care
about the topic that's right whether it's a video or if a series of special presentations or a person with lived
experience telling you their story whatever it is you have to have that emotional connection and when that
emotional connection is is made genuinely people learn at least that's
been my experience and that's what I've seen at conferences so it's like this gives you the best opportunity I think
to have an emotional connection and it's with someone that's not even real well know what I'm saying it's like you're
not gonna you're not you're not you're not pulling their energy out and they're not having yeah yeah wear themselves out
day after day absolutely their same story over and over and over again you know well yeah yeah which can be
traumatic in and of itself not that it doesn't help them but it's still traumatic to relive it every time that
you relive it and understanding that but also the fact of once again having seen
this from the days of you needing three four tripods for cameras to attract
people and and the first five minutes of an experience being here's how you work
the device it's no longer that right that's right it's no longer oh how do I interact how do I touch an object you
you have now gotten it to the point of you look at the object and it tells you the story it's it's now to the point of
just being side loaded on a device there's no more like Hey how do I how do
I get that how do I set up a VR system how do I do all of that to be able to do
it it's unbelievable how far the technology has come and now you know you and I have talked about this the now the
quest one is actually when people break their headsets or the handsets they don't replace them so now I can get
those in an incredibly reasonable price to make it so that it's so much more affordable for everyone to be able
to get these things so when we do what we do is we sell our software license to
people so we have three different tiers we have a five thousand dollar tier if you're a small or if you're a public school or a small non-profit we
charge ten thousand a year if you are a larger non-profit or a community college and if you are a job training or if you
are Corporation if you're a giant you have a corporate or do job training
or your University it's twenty thousand a year and all of those come with support all of those come with discounts
on new modules they come with upgrades they come with advancements of the next Hardware set if
we decide if we move to another Hardware set so you're you're not buying something that's going to going to
expire you're getting something that has support yeah yeah precisely not only do
we have support but every we also have we have licensees in 10 different
states and all those licensees have ideas about how they use how they use the products we provide the VR
VR software we help you get the headsets and then we have online courses as well and so all of these things there are
packages to make it so that it's easy for you to train your community I I really don't know how to make it
any easier to be able to provide this level of training I mean like having a having a person with lived experience
you know in the room with you constantly you just turn on and you're like look let me let me introduce you to Lisa I
mean that's unbelievable I mean I I I thought that you know that five thousand dollars was a was a lot to charge until
I started looking at how much people will charge to go speak for 45 minutes and not even let you film them you know
it's crazy I mean people are paying up to ten thousand dollars and we're providing a resource that
they can use forever yeah you know yeah precisely precisely in the courses that y'all are doing yeah you train your
students train your parents train you know it's fantastic it's it's been amazing to a sideline witness this
journey of yours of of just envisioning a product building a product
uh that does something is amazing and Visionary as this Billy we are to see it
develop to the point that it is now dude there are so many exciting things going on and I really I don't like to to to to
to tell people things that are that are not going to come true but we've been working with Purdue University for a
year now and we are starting to see some real fruit from that effort we are working with their game design students
on some new products and I can't I can't
give any of the details out about them but whether or not they get finished whether or not they are perfect
whether or not they get released as finished products it really doesn't matter because I'm getting a chance to
help these kids understand this topic better while they're making game game products yeah and I'm man yeah the the
open source design thing that you've done is fantastic it's so beautiful yeah I I don't do you work with hoft no I
do not you don't you know them right no I do not no I don't get you in touch with my my uh
Andreas okay let's do it she's she's great I interviewed them on uh
uh on talking sound years ago okay but hoft game Institute here in town sweet
great so yeah we're actually looking for a we're looking for a group that
would be good to be a licensee they might be or anybody really that's
out there if you're a group that's interested in our VR product
and you think I will train with this call me find me get on reefcares.org and
find me because I am not going to let cash be the problem to make this uh
things happen for you that's just not that's not going to be the problem if you're interested in this show us that
you're interested and we will find a way to get the money together to make this happen
um you know we we were so lucky to have so many people that are out there that are using this
uh we have we're working with one native American group as a licensee and
a couple of other ones as future licensees and we want to be able to build custom experiences for them
um we need to build something that is culturally relevant it's it takes into account their history their Heritage
their religion their background their Heroes their you know their their belief
systems because they're all different and they're different than ours and it's all fine but if our if we can make these
VR experiences match their experiences they will have a much much greater
impact absolutely and I've I've spoken to people that are doing a lot of doing a lot of work on the reservations
and what they say is that there is a lot of illiteracy on on these people's
land and the parents are not even embarrassed by it and the kids
are okay with it too and it's obviously it's it's that's an embarrassment for you know any Nation to have their
children not be interested in having any literacy but the people that are trying to stop are trying to give people
information about human trafficking prevention their stuff is in writing yeah and so they're like here's all the
things you need to look out for and these kids are like I can't even read this and I'm like oh my gosh how are we failing these children you know what I'm
saying yeah it's like because at least with this yes there's a visual prompt on the screen but it's also telling you the
story yeah that's right you're going to hear the story if you can understand I know I didn't have the audio playing but
there's audio Yeah it's not just a visual yeah but yeah that's that's the thing about
it is that you know we we need to be able to connect with people in in the
most visceral way possible and if we can tell a story that resonates with them that's going to make that's and that's relevant to where they are too we're
going to have a better chance now I I thought there would be you know some pushback from these Native American
groups because you know this is not about a Native American kid and they're like look we are trying everything we
can to stop our missing and murdered indigenous women from continuing to be
disappeared this is a there is a tragedy it's an epidemic it is it's horrifying yeah if
yeah it it is so bad people are not even being reported to the I mean like I
don't even want to I the the details are just horrendous and so they they are in
such a state that they're like look this this program works you know we need something that teaches people the basics
absolutely and that's what that's what this does in Spades so I feel good about
working with them with what we have now but I want to make those custom things and you know it's uh
it takes a while for people to understand what this is and see the benefit and then it'll take time and
eventually those people are going to want those products and they're going to see the benefit of them yeah you know
um but you know it's not the same thing as just being able to hire you know a lady for twenty dollars to come in and
do a do a slideshow that because you trust her it's like no this is like we put significant work into this to make
sure that it's right we update this we're actually in the process of updating the script right now based on feedback from some of our licensees so
it's like this is a it's a living product this is not a you know fire and forget kind of thing and we have a labor trafficking one that we're doing right
now too yeah and I'm really excited about it so yeah I can't I cannot wait to show that
to you it's awesome I'm hoping maybe some of those Purdue kids can help me with that I'm so entirely excited for
everything on the horizon for you guys it's been once again great to sideline watch this thing well you know Chris I
want the way that it is I want to give you this apple seed box and headset and
you and keep it forever thank you or you can take it around and take it show it
to everybody or take it to your kids school or just have it sitting on the thing because you have done so much for
us and you have been such a huge inspiration the the truth is that and you know
that there was a really dark time when covet happened and I was like what the hell is going on I don't know what I'm
gonna do yeah but I didn't acknowledge it as much
you fought through and you came out on top I don't drink without I don't think without covid you would have you would
have had any of the time to work with David deeds in the way that you did with PBJ learning yeah you developed this to
the point that it is that that all was rooted in covid time my man yeah every bit of it yes
just as a friend and watching you go through this like much like myself where
we had time like we didn't do video we didn't do things on this scale before covid covet gave me the time
to be like okay well I've been wanting to do this how do I do it I got nothing but time to figure it out now you know
I'll tell you one of the one of the things about kova that that I learned was there's a lot of things that I
thought I was gonna do if I had the time I just realized I was like you know what I've just realized that that project is
never going to get completed I'm just I'm not interested in it and so then I've been putting my time into the things I'm actually interested in and
look at the fruit of that time I I love that time I learned how to make music
video videos because I wanted to make a music video out of my band and so I learned Premiere and I spent a lot of
time in Premiere yes you did and then that that resulted in oh my gosh I think I could make some actually I think
entertainment yeah and I think I could make an online course yeah I think I can do it yeah so and and that's what's
great is to see you guys produce all of this yourself to see you hand spin the dream it's beautiful and
it's amazing and it's such a great Mission I'm glad to be able to help in the ways that I can help things like
that how can people help how can they sponsor an apple seed for their school
how can they how can they if if they're a PTA member how can they you
know get a get a license for the district or for their schools something like that I love it those are those figure that out for people so the so the
first thing is if you are interested in our VR product and or our online course
contact me Billy pbjlearning.com or Billy reefcares.org my phone number is
512-521-8874 I'm at reefcares.org pbjlearning.com if you type my name
into the internet if you type in virtual reality human trafficking you will you will find us but reach out I will find a
way to help you no matter what it is so let's start there but let's get let's
get more serious the first thing to do if you're interested in our VR program is go to reefcares.org and I want you to take a
look at the videos on the front page so on the home thing where you're looking so just go what I want you to do is
go to the home page and then just start watching the videos from the top down and when you get down down to the bottom
I want you to click join our Appleseed program and learn how to do it and inside there you're going to find out
all of the things that you're going to get you're going to find out that you're going to get priority support you're going to get upgrades you're going to
get language upgrades you're going to get additional VR headset support whenever it comes out you're going to
get discounts on new modules you're going to become a member of a large online community of users we everybody
that's using the knowledge fault everybody that's up on preventucation live show we do every every Thursday
night we do a live video and that video is you usually
shared with everybody so you can actually see a special inside behind the
behind the scenes content we answer questions from our licensees sometimes we spend time with licensees I go
through our online course basically I try to break down all these tools so that you as a licensee
will have the absolute best service that there is so yeah reefcares.org is the
place to go take a look the prices are on there if you have any questions contact me I am available available and
I am not going to let cost or any of anything that you think is a pushback whatever you think it is I'm going to
try to help you get around it yep I'll send you a box and you will have the
chance to and if you can't afford an apple seed you you feel free to you feel free to contact curious Realm
we'll make sure to sponsor one for you I'll listen to that you can't beat
that you see what I'm saying I I am all about getting this technology into people's hands and being able to
try to try to help people understand that this this is not a problem in India
this is not a problem in Africa this is not a problem in the pan-Asian countries it is don't get me wrong right
we comprise five percent of the world's human trafficking right
here right here five percent of it happens in your backyard it happens at
your kid's school it happens at your church every Sunday it is absolutely
crazy how many people are being Cyber
Bullied and sex sorted and it's just unbelievable and I think I think when
people start seeing just what's going on with that how dangerous it is to leave their kids online unsupervised I
think of people once people start waking up to that kind of stuff they're gonna they're gonna see they need to get educated I mean we have we we use we
have an online course that we created and I really see that as like the first aid for anybody that has anybody that goes on the internet you need to take
this first aid course which is basically how to acknowledge your own vulnerabilities yeah what I would call
it yeah you know no but it covers everything you need to know about human trafficking from the definition to
proper responses but along the way what you're going to learn is how to keep your yourself safe absolutely in every
circumstance absolutely Billy thank you so much as always for your time bud you guys I love having you here I love it
too love love talking about this topic because it is it's a passion topic for me it's one that like
when I found you and started looking into this right it just
it it it destroyed me inside to to see how prevalent it is and and once again
once I started following the blotters and seeing it like every week yeah
um that's when it was like Wow Wow Wow and it just gets uglier and uglier yeah you
know I mean I I I when I go to conferences a lot of
people need to tell me their stories because they know I will believe them and boy yeah man vicarious trauma dude
there's some scary stuff I have one I I I have one that is still there there
have been two interviews one that hit the trash can
will never ever air ever ever it'll never air because of the bullying that
happened to somebody live at a show so I will never air that person's message gotcha ever
um sorry sorry Pastor not sorry but there is one
that I've still got a couple people looking at from a friend of ours
um where they were trafficked by somebody pretty high up right by their claims
um it's an incredible interview I've still got it and I'm still vetting it there's
still vetting because if I put it out there oh it's a it's a huge Tater big one like like uh
like a 45th degree tater
it's huge I don't know what level of Devo I have to have to have that kind of a tater but it's huge
um and and yeah it shows just how high up this stuff goes I mean the thing
is who's accused there are people that are are perverts at a certain percentage
of the population and some of those people are rich yeah and powerful and that's just how it is and so most of
them are really good and some people get caught yep and some people have already been caught
but other people are holding it over their heads so that they can expose it whenever they want to that's right
it's it's crazy the amount of stuff that's going on out there yep Billy thank you as always bud you got it while
you are online checking out everything from radical empty Education Foundation while you were checking out all the
amazing work from PBG learning everybody make sure to stop on by curious realm curiosrome.com is where you can find all
the episodes that is where you can like follow subscribe all that kind of good stuff stay tuned through these
commercial breaks we will be right back with our good friend Mike turber from 5×5 news we will be discussing the first
uh UF UAP report from the new NASA independent study group what the
actual implications of it are because believe it or not Community there's some great stuff that came
out of this I know a bunch of people are poo pooing but we will we will get into the importance of what this first
findings mean as well as some of the the hubbub
going on with Jaime masan and the the the the possible literal grave robbing
that he has admitted to by just presenting these Peruvian
mummies that were taken out of the country without the country ever knowing it and you're also you're also going to
cover what we didn't get to see because of all that stuff exactly that's right we'll be getting into that and so much
more with our good friend Mike turber right after this folks [Music]
thank you [Music]