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Dr. David Deeds, Co-Founder, Education Director

David brings over 10 years of experience researching and raising awareness about human trafficking. In that time, he has hosted events, engaged legislators, and found innovative ways of working against human trafficking while informing others. He has conducted a content analysis on more than 5,000 pages of textbooks that revealed criminal justice students are exposed to very little literature on human trafficking in schools. Additionally, David’s doctoral capstone work focused on educator pedagogy to investigate a possible gap in student understanding about human trafficking, the educators.

Beyond research, David has worked with nonprofits for more than three years and has helped design a roll-call training to help police officers identify human trafficking victims. He has also participated in outreach to potential victims and participated in many discussion panels and conferences as an expert of human trafficking.

David has spent the entirety of his educational career in Illinois working to educate people about human trafficking and make a difference. He has created a fundamentals course based upon 10 years of teaching the definition, specifics, and preventative actions of human trafficking at College of DuPage and Governors State University. PBJ Learning’s Human Trafficking Essentials course is the result of that decade of hands-on teaching.

Dr. David Deeds – brief bio

College of DuPage Professor, Governors University Professor, PBJ Learning Co-founder and Education Director​

Dr. David Deeds brings over a decade of professional experience teaching, researching, and raising awareness about human trafficking. In that time, he has taught hundreds of university students, hosted events, engaged legislators, and found innovative ways of working against human trafficking while informing others.

Dr. David Deeds - PBJ Learning | Radical Empathy Education Foundation
Human Trafficking Hater with Dr. David Deeds

Dave also hosts Human Trafficking Hater on YouTube and TikTok

Billy Joe Cain, Co-Founder, Creative Director

Billy Joe has spent 30 years in the interactive space, creating award-winning games, simulations, educational programs, and “gamified” training products. He has launched a new EA Sports franchise, built products for Nickelodeon, delivered a flight simulator for the United States Air Force, and created and maintained online educational programs to improve critical thinking, math, and vocabulary skills. Now, his mission is to prevent human trafficking.

Billy Joe has been building educational products to fight trafficking since 2017, because his children were being groomed by a sex predator, whom he had known as a friend for years. 

For his nonprofit, Radical Empathy Education Foundation, he developed an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience which, in 15 minutes, demonstrates how anyone could be psychologically manipulated into becoming a victim of human trafficking. 

Billy Joe co-founded PBJ Learning with his partner, David Deeds, to provide online certificate-level training around the world.

He is a member of the Prevention Workgroup of the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Taskforce, Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CTCAHT), and the Tarrant County 5-Stones Taskforce.

Billy Joe Cain – brief bio

Interactive professional, Online learning professional, PBJ Learning Co-founder and Creative Director

Billy Joe’s 30 years of interactive entertainment and educational product experience and five years of human trafficking prevention training has been focused to end this horrible crime. After a profound personal experience set him on this mission, he has built a network of experts to create the best course to fight trafficking in the world.

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About PBJ Learning

PBJ Learning is a leading provider of online human trafficking awareness and prevention education. Their Human Trafficking Essentials online course is being used worldwide to educate criminal justice students, professionals, and individuals how to recognize human trafficking and how to respond to a potential victim. Their course is available for use on any web browser at any time.

Visit them on the web at https://www.pbjlearning.com

About Human Trafficking Essentials

Human Trafficking Essentials’ learning objectives are aligned with authoritative sources and the most promising practices in the field. Data and sources used in the course have been reviewed and approved by law enforcement, survivors, and advocates. PBJ Learning guarantees their continuing education credits meet or exceed any requirements for human trafficking training. The Project Management Institute, for example, recognizes them for their Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate holders.