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Prevention Cohort LIVE Ep 12: Making an online course, using AI to create TikTok informational videos, AI audio editing software in Premiere, and much more!

Welcome to the Prevention Cohort LIVE stream, sponsored by PBJ Learning

Tonight, we're going to do something a little bit different.

We are going to be taking a look at how we actually do this work. I have had to learn how to use all sorts of editing programs and how to create websites and things like that. We're going to delve into the magic of how we use Premiere, some new stuff inside of Premiere, and particularly in the AI stuff that helps us do audio editing.

We're going to talk a little bit about LearnDash, Elementor, and WordPress.

We even show you how to make your OWN videos by using AI, and I'll demonstrate one video I made earlier in the day and we'll work on a new video together. It's crazy what you can do now!

We record these meetings so you can watch them as a bit of an extra resource for yourself.

Watch on Fathom here.

AI Summary

We livestream, record and share our meetings for everyone's benefit. We use a Zoom addon product called Fathom, which screenshares, transcribes, and provides AI summaries of the calls. The transcriptions aren't perfect, but they are way awesome. This summary of the meeting is pulled straight from the automatic notes from Fathom.

Yes, we know what Zoom does with the data. Ugh. It proves our whole point from episode 7.

  • Billy Joe discussed the features and benefits of , an interactive human trafficking training course provider. He highlighted the different programs offered, including human trafficking essentials, the Texas course, and the transportation network company training. – PLAY @4:14
  • Billy Joe discussed the requirements and structure of a course on Texas ride share training. He explained how the course was designed around the law and the different chapters and lessons it contained. – PLAY @10:15
  • Billy Joe and others discussed the structure of their course, which included videos, activities, and assessments to ensure learning progression. They also mentioned the inclusion of translations in English and Spanish, as well as the importance of marking each page as complete to track progress. – PLAY @16:52
  • HIGHLIGHT – The course was modified to prevent confusion and frustration by restricting page navigation. – WATCH (30 secs)
  • Billy Joe explained the layout and functionality of Adobe Premiere, including the editing area, video playback, library of media, and the use of tracks for video and audio. He also mentioned using an AI tool to improve the audio quality of a track. – PLAY @24:38
  • Billy Joe expressed his admiration for the incredible audio result achieved by an unknown audio technician. He also mentioned discovering a new AI program called AI video and expressed excitement about the content created by a person named Sam Sam. – PLAY @32:36
  • Billy Joe discussed his experience using an AI tool called Video AI to create videos quickly and easily. He mentioned that while the tool can be helpful, it's important to fact-check and make necessary edits to ensure accuracy and quality. – PLAY @35:06
  • Billy Joe was in the middle of working on something and wanted to share his screen. He mentioned that he had done something earlier and wanted to show it. – PLAY @40:40
  • Billy Joe discussed his first TikTok upload, which aimed to raise about online and provide tips to protect children. He also mentioned uploading the video to YouTube and creating a playlist for educational content. – PLAY @41:29
  • Billy Joe discussed the process of creating and publishing a video on online grooming. They also expressed their satisfaction with the video's content and highlighted the importance of staying safe in the digital world. – PLAY @48:40
  • Billy Joe discussed various tips for staying safe online, such as avoiding suspicious links and regularly updating phone software. They also mentioned uploading videos to TikTok and expressed excitement about receiving views on their content. – PLAY @56:16
  • Billy Joe and the others had a conversation where they encouraged each other to stay awesome and be great. – PLAY @1:01:22

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Full transcript from Fathom

Ep 12: Making an , using AI to create TikTok informational videos, AI audio editing software in Premiere, and much more! – October 05

VIEW RECORDING – 62 mins (30 secs of highlights)

SCREEN SHARING: Billy started screen sharing – WATCH

@4:14Billy Joe Cain @ PBJLearning.com (pbjlearning.com)

Hey, welcome to the Prevention Cohort livestream. This is our Thursday night edition. And tonight, we're going to do something a little bit different.

We are going to be taking a look at how to How do we actually do this? And so I have had to learn how to use all sorts of editing programs and how to create websites and things like that.

So we're going to delve into the magic of how we use Premiere, some new stuff inside of Premiere, and particularly in the .

The AI stuff that helps us do audio editing. We're going to talk a little bit about LearnDash and probably little Elementor and WordPress.

And who knows who might even go so we might even talk about some other stuff. let me see where we should start.

I'm going to share my screen and what we're going to do is we're going to launch PBJLearning.com So we're going to, yeah, let's go ahead and get that started up over here and move it little bit here away.

All right. Now, okay, so you should be looking at PBJLearning.com right now. What's so special about PBJ Learning is that we are the most interactive online human trafficking

Training course provider on the planet. All the work that we do is dedicated towards making it interesting to learn something about human trafficking.

So it's not just a video and it's not just something that you kind of like halfway participate in. We do full, fully interactive work.

So if you go to our site, you can see we have human trafficking essentials, which is our main stay program that is our, it is the main thing that we try to push because we want to make sure that everybody has access to the basics that everyone needs to know.

Kind of we think about it as kind of like a first aid thing. Everybody needs to know something about human trafficking and how to stay safe, specifically about how to stay safe from online grooming and people tricking you because that is super dangerous and we're not really prepared for that.

So this is something that somebody has to teach you. So human trafficking essentials kind of Three flavors, flavor one is name your price.

We let you choose how much you want to pay, and you will get a completion email telling you what your score is.

If you get the mastery certificate course and you get 100%, you will get a certificate of mastery. We charge a premium price for that.

And then we also have a version of human trafficking essentials that gives you university credit. We have partnered with Bellhaven University through the Zidg Connect, and we just had a completer today, so we are really excited about that.

So that's something that's happening. So on the human trafficking essentials page, we have a sample video which we're going to be doing.

We're going to look at a video for one of our newer courses when it's in development. So I'll show you how we make this kind of thing.

We talk about learning objectives, features, why is it that interactive learning is such a big deal? Basically, because it's six times better than something that is passive, reading something or watching a video.

being actually having chance to make a difference and try things yourself, experiential learning is incredibly effective. I try to tell people it's like it's the difference between reading about a shovel and then going outside and digging, oh, which one do you think is going to teach you more about whether or not you know how to use a shovel?

It's always going to be whether you try to use it or not. Everything about human trafficking essentials is designed with you, the user in mind, so that you're going to have small blocks of time.

So whenever you have time, we're going to be there to support you. Blah, People use it. It's accepted by professional organizations.

Here's another video. These are summaries of all of our videos. A little information about Dave. Deeds. Dave's been teaching this course now for about 15 years.

We have adapted all of this experience that he has brought together to make it work inside of a web browser.

At the bottom there are some testimonials and you can see we have people that seriously believe in what it is we do.

We've shown we've had tons of people use the course, us feedback. we're going to do today is we're going to be looking at what's in the shot.

Again, these are the top three that we work with. We've get essentials because this is what is important. We've recently released a course about the Texas hospitality industry because everybody that works in a hotel with tenor-horror rooms needs to have access to or has to take a course.

Then recently on September 1st, the state of Texas passed the law saying that if you work at a transportation network company, which is like a rideshare, you have to have some type of training.

Our training is going to be significantly more detailed than other people's trainings. So, there you go. So this kind of gives you an idea of what's going on with it.

I'll show you a little behind the scenes here. So this talks about the course, where it came from, what's inside of it.

Here are the things that are the requirements from the law here in State of Texas. Here are the learning objectives that are inside of it.

Here's all of the training. You can do the research yourself. Just click on the shop and go to the transportation industry course.

But this covers everything. So this basically told us what needed to be inside the course. So we designed our course around it.

So I'm going to show you how things work. So I use WordPress. So PBJLearning.com is a WordPress website. WordPress is kind of like a big structure where you can put other things inside of it.

then those things can have things. So, we use this, what they call, theme called Elementor. So, Elementor is our main graphic package that basically puts the things on the screen in certain quarters, like little blocks and things like that.

It's much more complicated than if you're the WordPress expert, you're probably wanting to punch me because I'm oversimplifying things.

But basically, that's what it does. So, in the to be able to do that with the element word and I how should reach

And then we can check against the LMS to see if you've got the answer right, etc., etc. So let me show you a little bit behind the scenes here.

So inside of Learn-Dash there is this concept of a thing called a course. So we have a number of courses, some that are live, some that we're working on right now.

We've got a team attracting essentials for high schools being worked on. What are we working on right this event?

So what we're working on today is the Texas Transportation Network Company, HTT, HV2313. That is a long way of saying that this really is the Texas ride share training.

And I'm still getting involved with that stuff, even though it matches within the law. But But I don't think anybody really cares.

But it's the HB2313, it's the house bill, Texas TX HB House Bill 2313, it's what turned into the law, so I'm leaving that in there.

And that's what we're going to call this thing. Alright, so that is the name of our course. A course is made up of lessons.

And those lessons can contain things like quizzes or tests or activities. But I'm going to go ahead and show you what it looks like when you look at the course.

So the course, they call it, they say this thing on there called the builder. So builder shows, these are all of the lessons, right there is the idea of a way that that's a lesson.

So each one of these lessons is its own webpage. So it's just like having a page or a post.

It all makes sense in a minute. But what we have is, let's see, let's go ahead. And, I'll move up the course here.

So, this shows you, actually, you I think I can. What does this mean to be open to name for?

And I'm not going to do that right now. Alright, so, the way the course works is we have our first lesson, which is Welcome to the course.

Which we're obviously going to need to rename. Let's go ahead and do that. Welcome to Tech Tips. This is Rod Gere, driver 3.

Yes, HP 23.3. Let's go ahead and save that. now the lesson is going to be named that. And then the next thing that it does, actually, let's go ahead and refresh this and watch this change.

There it is. Okay, so now here we go. So, Tech Tips, Rod Gere training. First thing we start on is going to be the Welcome video.

This is already connected. We're going to knock mess with that right now. I'm just going to show you how the structure works.

The course has the first lesson. I said it has video on it. Then we have a little header here called the pre-course assessment.

We'll go back over to this thing. Here we go. There it says pre-course assessment here before it goes to the next page.

Again, it's just like a listing of pages with little chapter headers. This is pre-course assessment. Then we have our chapter header for one, and then we start off like that.

Each one of our chapters, so in this course we have three chapters. The first one is on defining, second chapter is on identifying, the third chapter is on responding.

Those are the three basic things that you need to know how to do as a driver and as somebody that's going to be doing this, doing this kind of work with trying to recognize if somebody is out there that needs help.

Every chapter starts off with an overview, and that overview explains here is the We're looking for the answers to this question.

It is going to be in this chapter. We don't ever just tell you the answers. We tell you where to look so that you can go and learn.

So that's the way every chapter is. is. question. So in this question, is going to that had about an open window is what were going to happen.

And can see that we further. answer to going tell have an answer. for Billy understands the material before you progress to the next thing, because all of our material builds upon itself.

In chapter 3, same thing, opens with an overview, questions that you'll be learning about. Then a video, activity, video, activity, and all these videos are that they build up and they add on to what you've learned previously.

The very end, the last thing you do is you get to take the file's certificate assessment to determine not you have actually learned the things that you're supposed to learn.

That's sort of an overview of how these things work. I said, each one of these things is like its own webpage.

The welcome page, or welcome lesson, if you're thinking in the learning management system's brain, because they call them lessons.

Inside this lesson, you can see there are little boxes. Each one these little boxes, you can actually move around.

They're called elements. These elements to He moved up or down so he could have this video. If you wanted the video to be first, you could just slide the video up there.

Works just fine. what we did at the beginning is, well, I didn't need to edit that. Yes, welcome to you.

to do this. Ride, gear, driver, training. It's a B2313 start here. Now, I say start here because when people see it on this list here, we want it to be very obvious that that is the first thing they're supposed to do.

Right? Let's go ahead and check on it. Here we go. All right. Let's go ahead and refresh this and get this text fixed at your top.

You see the little things are full? Yep. It's loading. I have a fast machine, I have a decent internet connection, but for some reason it is not as fast as I want it to be.

My machine is never as fast as I want, just never never never is. Alright, so let me show you guys a couple of things.

So we start the course by welcoming people to the course, or say welcome to Texas Price, your driver training.

In this course you learn how to define, identify, and respond even trafficking. So that's even simple. We simplify as best we can so you know you're going to get chapter one's on the definition, chapter two's on identify, chapter three's on respond.

We're pounding us into your head so you know for sure this is what it's going to be. Now the course by law, by Texas law has to be in English and Spanish.

So I created a what is called a toggle on this thing. So this is one of their elements. So like I said, these are all elements from elements.

And one of those elements is a toggle. And this toggle, what it does is when you click it as a user, it opens up that section.

And so you can see that basically I have some… If you speak Spanish, you're probably laughing because what I have done is I have essentially just dropped this inside of Google Translate just to get a very simple translation in here to have something in place.

But the idea here is that I want it to be easy for somebody that's just going to read through in English and have them just go through.

And if they want to dig into the Spanish stuff, they can. Here we are at the video. So, maybe now's a good time to explain how they get made.

But let me go ahead and show you the finished product. Yeah, let's go ahead and screen it. Welcome to Texas Right Share Driver Training.

In this course, you will learn how to define Find, identify, and respond to human trafficking. Working in the transportation industry, you have a unique opportunity to address human trafficking.

Because show that a majority of trafficking victims use various forms of travel around the world, including rideshare services.

You might be the person that saves a life. Now, let's get started. that to quite a bit of time to get all that put together.

Maybe we'll go a little bit further, and then we'll jump into Premiere, I'll show you how things got made.

So underneath the video, we also have the video transcript. So you can read it in English. You can read it in Spanish.

Again, first draft, so we still have work to do. But it's at least a placeholder. Then we encourage people to put the Polaris, human trafficking.

Online number in their phones, we're trying to ask them to just take a couple of seconds and actually do that so we're trying to get them to get interactive with their phone.

This section also is in Spanish as well. then at the end of the page, you have to mark the page complete so we have a little instruction here that is there for users to know what it is that they are actually supposed to do.

So let's take a look at what the page looks like when you are an actual user and you're not in the editing program.

So this is the page. Here's the Spanish stuff. Here is the transcript in English. Here's the transcripts in Spanish and that page.

And so at the bottom it says, hey mark complete. So this here is way for us to try to encourage you to understand that you have to do that.

When you mark this complete, it puts little check mark over here so that you can actually progress. Now I'm a cat, I'm an admin.

I can go on any of these pages, if you were a user and you were using this course, you have to go each lesson at a time.

know it's a little bit up on the side, but it turns out that I wanted to make it so you could just go anywhere and do anything at any time, but some people would accidentally click to the next page, and because our lessons build upon one another, it got very confusing for people, so we had to chop that out.

It made it a lot smoother process for people and a lot less frustrating, because when you sit there and you watch somebody get confused and you're experiencing their confusion and frustration with them, it is very painful.

So I'm trying to get rid of as much frustration and confusing confusion as possible. Okay, well that kind of covers the welcome page, and I was going to tell you more about the welcome video.

HIGHLIGHT: The course was modified to prevent confusion and frustration by restricting page navigation. – WATCH

So let's go! Go ahead and pull up Premiere. Let's see. I think the page is still sharing, right? Okay.

Yep. All right. Well, if you've never used Premiere before, let's see. Yeah. If you've never had a chance to use Premiere before, Premiere is an editing software.

And what it does is it takes individual pieces of content and you combine them together, and then you save it out or export it at a certain frame rate and size and all this good stuff in the right format.

And then when you do that, you can upload it so that anybody else can enjoy your content. So I'll show you a little bit about what's going on in here.

So the way that Premiere works is you have these little windows and each one of these windows, know, kind of dock and you can move them all around.

So this is just my general layout. And down here at the bottom, this is your editing area. This is where all the real work is happening.

Up here is where the video is going to be played and you can watch to see where things are.

You're like, oh, okay, cool, I see what's going on. Over here you have your library of all the different, all the media that we've put up in here.

Let's see. Do I have it all? I know it's there. Alright, we're just going to cover a couple of little things in here.

So, we're going to do a little zooming in. This long timeline here that goes out for about two hours, it looks like, you can zoom in.

So this area here that has the darker or the lighter gray. This is the area that we're going to ultimately render.

So you can see it's about… I always leave a little buffer over here on the left hand side in case I want to move things around, because I like to move elements in different places.

And then I have, and then so we just basically say we're going to start here and we're going to end here.

And this is kind of like your play head. So if you have, if you think about a needle on a record, right, so when you put the needle down, you can put the needle down.

put the in, further out. this is our tape head. so this is going to tell us, it's going to tell the, tell tell the premier what elements need to be displayed up here.

And the way that that actually does it, it's kind of cool because it builds these pieces based on what's on top.

So if you ever saw any of the Walt Disney, the way that they made the multi-plane camera, can put

So, when they had a camera that was going to take a picture like this and you would paint on glass and so they would paint like the foreground pieces here and then foreground and middle of mid-ground and then further and further so that you had the stuff that's going to be like in the back like you imagine mountains.

You're going to be in the back and you're going to have like trees and then maybe a rabbit that's going to be in the front.

So, this multi-plane camera takes a picture and if something is in front of it, it's going to obscure that thing behind it and that's exactly the way that Premiere works.

So, anything that you put on top like these subtitles, you see where it says, welcome to Texas Ride Share Driver Training.

I want you to watch this so I'm going to toggle this off. going to turn this little eyeball off and it's going to make it disappear.

So, you can see that that's sitting on top of everything and you can see down here what is this and then

This one is the name of the video, the welcome. So as you see, they're all kind of stack up here in this playhead.

It's showing where it's going to be. This here in blue is the ride share sign. And then under here, these all say V, right?

So those are all video. Each one of these is a separate track or something that could be stacked on top of it and you can add as many as you want.

So this is the… We're not at Disneyland where we are. not at Disney. We're going to get a few pieces of glass.

We can have as many as we want because it's a computer. But down at the bottom, we have audio.

audio doesn't stack like this. Audio is only on one ear or the other ear and it just piles up inside of

They're all a little bit separate. We have one track, two tracks, three tracks. Well, this line here is the track and these are all different sections.

And this last thing down at the bottom, this is the stuff that's important for me today because this is Dave's new audio that he just recorded for me and I have been laying this up in here.

And after I did that, that's when I put the, I added the subtitles and captions that I'm really excited about on stuff.

So yeah, I guess that's really, those are the basics. I don't want to go too far into Crazy Town, but there was one thing I wanted to share with you and that is that we've talked about AI on this channel before and how important, how important understanding AI is.

And so one thing that I had the opportunity to do today is get to use this new feature inside of, for me,

And so what I did was actually took an original piece of audio, which is going to be this one here.

And when we input it in, I said, hey, I want to get rid of some of this hiss and some other things in the background that were not, that didn't sound great.

So I was like, I wanted to do that. And so what I did was I ran a process on this thing that got rid of all that hissy stuff.

And it was done. I just double play for now. Yeah, it was turned nothing on installation of pro detailing.

So, Dave sounds like he's, you know, he's, he sounds like he's on a pretty good microphone. It's warm, I hope.

But I'm going to let you see or let you listen to what it sounds like when you hear the original audio.

So, this was his original track before I used the AI tool. You will learn the legal requirements in the Trappine Victim Protection Act, commonly referred to as the TVPA.

We're going to do that one more time. You will learn the legal requirements in the Trappine Victim Protection Act.

Commonly referred to as the TVPA. Okay, so I'm assuming you can remember what that sounded like. So, we're going to go ahead and turn back on the more sweetened track, I guess, maybe.

You will learn the legal requirements in the Trappine Victim Protection Act. Commonly referred to as the TVPA. Let's flop them back one more time so you can get an idea so that is the good one.

Here's the original. You will learn the legal requirements in the Trapping Victims Protection Act. Commonly referred to as the TVPA.

You will learn the legal requirements in the Trapping Victims Protection Act. Commonly referred to as the TVPA. Okay, here's what I got to tell you that that the ability to have a one button press to change that was life-changing for a I have been doing audio editing since the 90s and I am not.

I'm not an audio technician. I am somebody that uses the tools and tries to do the best I can.

But to get a result like that would have taken me forever. So I just wanted to share just how amazing that was.

And now I have to admit that I want to go back and redo all of our audio for all of our videos and all of everything that I own.

I have one other thing that I for sure want to share with you. Give me just a second to get that up and running.

So I found yet another AI And this is a program that I just found out about today. And it is called, well even or not, AI video.

So, yeah, here we go. So this gentleman right here is always has just some amazing content. His name is Sam Sam

SCREEN SHARING: Billy started screen sharing – WATCH

So today he showed me this tool and I said, you know what, I have to try it. So I'm going to show you a little bit about his stuff and then we're going to jump in and maybe even make a video again.

If you ever had an idea for a video, I didn't have the time to execute it. Well, now there's an AI for that.

And you can simply enter a text prompt and get out beautiful, stunning videos like this in seconds. Everything from the script to the voiceover, from the footage to the editing, and even the music is selected with AI.

In this video, I'm going to break down exactly how you can make these videos in seconds. Okay, sounds too good to be true.

It just does. But he's not lying. I did it today and I put my very first video up on PBJ Learning's TikTok channel.

And we're going to take a look at that in a little bit. Let's dive in. I've been experimenting with a number of different types of video.

Here is an explainer on broccoli. humble veggie with surprising health superpowers. Did you know broccoli boasts more vitamin C than an orange?

Yes. Here is a short about some interesting facts about Mahatma Gandhi. Born on October 2nd, 1869 in Porebendar, a coastal town in present-day Gujarat, Gandhi was the youngest of his father's four children.

But what I've found particularly interesting is creating faceless YouTube shorts about history. I was doing a little bit of research.

I can see that this channel has got over 2 million views for one video on the Seven Bloodiest Wars in World History.

And to be honest, I think we can do best. So come into the tool, which is in Video AI.

And once you've signed up, you can try in Video AI for to get a feel if it's feel.

And all you have to do is enter Tell description about what you would like to see inside your video.

I will say I want to create a faceless YouTube short about World War II history. The title of the video is 5 Surprising Facts About World War II That You Probably Didn't Know.

I want you to include maps and some historic photographs. Make sure that the theme is dramatic and that you are using a thumb, deep male voice.

Now I can go ahead and click on Generate. Now I am still dictating. Damn me, my dictation. Okay, now you go ahead and click on Generate a Video.

From here it will analyse your input and then ask a few clarifying questions. Okay, and he's right, it is going to do all of that stuff.

you know, spoiler alert, it's not going to be perfect and yes, you are going to have to make some tweaks and it's going to take you, you know, little while to learn how to do this stuff.

But it actually does the work that he's talking about. It's important to remember that you should not believe everything that in video AI outputs, because sometimes it will fabricate facts, quotes and other information.

So… that's something that's really important about anything having to do with AI. AI does what is called hallucinate. And basically what that means is it just makes stuff up.

So you cannot, in good conscience, just press a button and have something generate text and a story for you and expect it to be.

So that's way sure you make sure that it is factual. I certainly do anytime that I mess with this stuff.

Sometimes I use AI to write me a definition of a term that I post. And when I do that, I always check the…

I check its work to make sure that it's not fabricating something or just isn't written very well. So it's one of the ways that I'm able to generate just a huge amount of content so that people can…

I love you. I can't write all that stuff myself every single time. It's just next to my time. But having tools like this are not replacements.

The work is something that you can use to enhance the work that you're doing. I always recommend that if you're doing work, have to be able through everything.

I mean, I curate everything that's on the knowledge vault, thousands and thousands of articles over the past couple of years.

It's very time-based. I'm but I stand by what's there. So just keep that in mind as you're working on this, but you have the possibility one to actually ask in video to check its own work, as well as checking it yourself later on and editing the video.

So it will ask you now to select your audience, history buffs, students or general public. I will go with history buffs, nothing like serving the most enthusiastic and monoclonstuffs.

Next you have the opportunity to choose the look and feel of your video. So this will affect the font and colour choices.

You can have dramatic professional or epic in this instance. I'm going to go with epic. It has already recognised that I'm looking for a YouTube short.

So after that you can go along and hit continue. Now… so here's the thing. I'm not going to keep going through this whole whole deal.

already made you watch that much of it, but if you're interested in it, I will make sure that this is posted so.

Get it in the chat. Now I'll make sure to post that. And now let's see if I can figure out where the video that I created is.

So I was just working on a new one. Here we go. Alright, so I'm actually in the middle of doing this.

I don't want to This is… I want to share my screen. So here we go. So what I did, actually, yeah, I think I'm going to show you what I did earlier.

Yeah, that's great. Good. So this is what I had done earlier today. I want to go to screen. I think you should be able to see that.

SCREEN SHARING: Billy started screen sharing – WATCH

Right? So this is my TikTok creator. okay, so good. So that's where it is. All right, good. All right.

So this was my very first upload to TikTok. And this is the video I made. made video about giving your kid a smartphone without understanding grooming.

So the idea here is I want to get people to be interested in learning about grooming. So I'm trying to do something that's far from it a little.

Okay. Billy Never Wanted to Leave of online grooming, target number one platforms. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are playgrounds for predators, with direct messaging features that can be misused.

Target number two, online gaming. Predators often use the guys of friendly gamers to approach unsuspecting children. Target number three, anonymous apps.

Apps that allow anonymity can be a breeding ground for grooming. Target number four, online forums, and chat rooms. These spaces can

Be used by groomers to build trust and relationships with children. Target number 5, live streaming platforms. Groomers may use these platforms to manipulate children into doing things they are uncomfortable with.

So, what can you do? Teach your children about the dangers of sharing personal information, ensure they only interact with people they know in real life, and regularly check their online activities.

Remember, every child with a smartphone is potentially at risk. Stayed, vigilant. Protect them in the digital world, just as you would in the real one.

I have my doubts. Oh, it's been played 229 times. That seems crazy. Two likes, one comment, which I believe is me.

So that's pretty good. It's very exciting, actually. So what I've decided to do was actually, you know, should be…

Yeah, let's click on some key metrics. Let's see what we got. so nothing yet. Turn on analytics to get access to insights.

Well, why wouldn't I want to do that? bet, man. want to know all about them. Okay, great. So now it says it's processing some stuff.

So this is great. We want that. Let's see. Is there something we can do here? Yeah, here we go.

Wow. 230 views. That's pretty amazing. Followers. We don't have any followers or anything like that. So this is really the very beginning.

kind of exciting, guys. Honestly, I mean, you saw… You saw what happened. So I did not write that script.

I wrote a prompt for a script, and then I proofread a script. I'm sorry I edited the script and then I said, okay, it's good.

It shows the videos, it did the voice. That's not me talking. That is a computer talking. And then I was able to download it and I uploaded it to my TikTok channel to go from there.

Okay, so we're going to go back to end video and we're going to take this prompt. So I did a prompt earlier.

And basically the idea is I'm trying to get people to understand that if you click on a shady link, it might be something that could install spyware on your phone.

So we're going to go with, we'll go back and look at the prompt in a Okay. And maybe we'll upload it to YouTube too.

Who knows? So here we go. Let's go ahead and continue. And now what it's doing is it is going to it's going to start making the video.

So it has it's now it is writing out the full script. Now it is going to after it's got the script written, it's going to select some videos.

Well heck you can see exactly what it's doing. And we're like I said, we're going for something short, something quicky.

And the idea is I'm trying to get people curious about a topic. And I want to provide them some information about the topic.

And then at the end I want them to have something that they feel is actionable that they can take away and change their behavior.

So that's what we're going for. I'm really excited about this, honestly. is being able to create content like this is just mind-boggling

It's using, it's pulling video that has watermarks in the video so that you know that this stuff wasn't, it's legal, but I hadn't paid for it.

So those watermarks are part of the process. It's all legal. so now it looks like it's saying things like it's putting some text overlays.

So what that's doing is it's actually adding the, uh, adding the closed captions to the thing. Alright, uh, you know, while we're doing that, why don't we go ahead and why don't we see about uploading our short to YouTube?

Why not, right? If, uh, if it was made for it. So here we go. We're going to click upload video on YouTube.

And again, this thing is still thinking in the back. Let's see. Here we go. This is the video that we had made.

It previously and let's go ahead. And click Upload. Five ways online, bringing targets to children with smartphones. And we don't really have a thumbnail, so we're going to let it come up with its own.

And we'll think we're going to make it to Playlist. We're going to call this Playlist YouTube. For the knowledge.

Because that's ultimately what we're going to do. And we're going to make this one public, because we want everybody to see it.

going to click Create. So now it's been selected. We're going to say Done. Video is being processed. Is this one made for kids?

I can't ever say that it is. Because I am not making it specifically for kids. We're just going to click past everything so that we can go ahead.

We're going to call this. We're the Unlisted for Now, but we'll do a Premiere later and click Save. It's published.

Goodness gracious. Let's take a look. This is what I'll tell you. Ever wondered about the unseen threats lurking behind your child's smartphone?

Today, we delve into the world of online grooming, Target No. 1, Social Media Platforms. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are playgrounds for predators, with direct messaging features that can be misused.

Target No. 2, Online Gaming. Predators often use the guys of friendly gamers to approach unsuspecting children. Target No. 3, Anonymous Apps.

Apps that allow anonymity can be a breeding ground for grooming. Target No. 4, Online Forms and Chat Rooms. These spaces can be used by groomers to build trust and relationships with children.

Target No. 5, Live Streaming Platforms. Groomers may use these platforms to Gerry let's do 10 a.m. my time. So I know what time I'm in.

I'm in like minus. Alright, instead as a premier, why not let's do it. Okay, so it'll be a world premier.

Don't have a whole lot of stuff in here about the description. We're just going to see what happens when it clicks fade.

And so. Let's go ahead and go back to our video that we have worked on. Alright, so what have we got?

Beware the click. That's pretty cool. I like that. It's kind of got the a little bit of curiosity going on at the beginning.

Looks like they gave us 50 seconds worth of video. What in the world is going to be going on here?

Here we go. Let's see what it says. And again, I've never seen this. I just typed in a short brief.

Brief description of what I wanted to see. I'll see what does. Beware the click. In mere seconds, a shady link can lead to spyware on your smartphone, opening the doors for predators to your personal information.

It's a digital world, but not all that glitters is gold. Fishing, a malicious attempt to obtain sensitive data is often disguised as a trustworthy entity.

Scams, they're like a wolf in sheep's clothing, promising rewards, but delivering risks. You're smarter than that, right? So how do you stay safe?

Wow. I gotta tell ya, it's simple. It's to the point. I love it. It's a digital world, but not all that glitters is gold.

Fishing, a malicious attempt to obtain sensitive data is often disguised as Okay, so you see how it says one right there?

What's that all about? So like I said, no matter what it gives you, you're still going to want to edit little bit.

Look ahead and do the editing. Wow, look at this. We have some story blocks. I have not tried to edit those yet.

So this is what it's put together for us. But we're going to go ahead and take a look at the script.

So this is do this is it. Alright, so it changed one. Let's see how to do that. wonder Gazette hit enter.

There it is. Let's see what happens. No, I don't have any idea how we're going to do this. We're going to give this try.

Let's say plytane business. it happen. Again, brand new tool. Never used it before. This here at the top where it says you get a license for the stock media used and export.

So when we are ready with the video and we like the video, all the clips that are inside of it, if you like what you see when you ship it, when you say I'm finished and I want to export it, our account will get a license for that video with these watermarks on them.

If I like what I'm doing and I feel like This is working, then we'll be clicking the Remove Watermark button up here, and what that'll do is I will then be purchasing a license for this.

So right now we're just using the free version, we're just doing a couple of things to see how this can help us get the word out about what it is that we're doing.

Alright, so it looks like it's created the scene, and now it's still changing the script, but I think it's probably got to go in and do the audio.

But hey, now that we're still around here, let's take a look. So are we at 234 views? How is that possible?

Let's take a check. Let's refresh it and see if it's changed. Yep, 234 views. That's crazy. Wasn't expecting that.

Okay, so it looks like it's going to look like it's done. we wear the click in mere seconds. Let's see if it can move that number.

Hey, boys, for predators to your personal information. It's a digital world, but not all that glitters is gold. Fishing a malicious attempt to obtain sensitive data is often disguised as a trustworthy entity.

Scams? They're like a wolf in sheep's clothing, promising rewards but delivering risks. You're smarter than that, right? So how do you stay safe?

One, never click on suspicious links. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Two, a reputable… Yeah, it did not do what I wanted to do, but I'm really not going to worry about that too much.

This says anti-virus, but it's so close to it. You can't… I just basically see it first, and that's not any good.

So, yeah, replace this medium… media below. All right, so let's see what it says. We can say… Let's go ahead and say, and have a look, if something else pops up.

We don't. It's one of include premium. right. Let's go with that. A little picture of virus. Yes. that's pretty cool.

Virus detected. Let's use that one. I'm going to say apply. And if we can throw it. Alright. So it's right about there.

So that's where we're going to be expecting it to replace that. It's just pretty exciting. So I promised one of our licensees that I would have five videos up on TikTok by Friday.

And I'm starting to think that I'm… I might actually not just have five videos, but have some videos that actually have some views on them.

So this is pretty exciting. Okay, I think it's been an hour, so that's about enough time for all of us to hopefully have learned something.

If you have any questions about anything, please let me know. Draw notes in any sort of place where you can write them.

If there's comments underneath one of these videos, go right ahead and do that. Or just call me on the phone.

I want to be here to help you. I want to help you support your communities. Whatever it is that you need, let me know so I can help.

We are here to help with our online courses. We're here to help raising awareness of human trafficking. We want to do everything we can to make your lives better, make it easier for you to do the work that you do.

All right, so it looks like our video has cooked up little bit. So I'm going to go ahead and get where it was.

Thanks? If it's too good for your friends, the video probably is too. It's all a reputable antivirus. Look at that phone.

It's your digital shield. There we go. Regularly update your phone software. It's like a fortress that continually strengthens its walls.

I love it. in this digital age, safety is just a click away, but so is danger. Choose one. Okay, so one of the things that looks like that I need to keep in mind is that what's happening is that it's pulling stock video, but the video is going to do that vertical thing.

So when I look at these edits, right, so if you see video like this, for example, this here, this video is not going to come across as it's not going to look good in the middle of the screen.

So let's see. Let's do… …oh, there we go. Don't do it premium. Let's go ahead and look. Enter. I like that there's an upload thing here, so I assume that means that I could upload to my own video.

That's what I… I'm going to say that you can do that and I haven't done that yet. But it certainly be interesting to be able to put some pieces up there.

Yeah, see, so this would be an example. So right here, see how that's off to the side. That's not going to look good.

So that phone is almost in the middle. That phone is almost in the middle. What else do we have here, guys?

Alright, somebody using the phone, I kind of like that idea. Do we have any other ones that people use in terms?

Yes, there's a phone there. Alright, so we're all going to put that one up there. Go ahead and click And I think…

Ohhh! So when I hit apply, I'm going to apply all of them. So I could have made a bunch of changes and then hit apply.

I have a couple more that I think I want to go in and make some edits on. But I suppose by the time you're watching this, all this stuff will already be up.

So tell me what you think about the other videos that I uploaded to my TikTok. My TikTok is at PBJLearning.

Hey, we had a couple more views. This is crazy, and I'm not going to get addicted to watching these videos.

knows? Alright, well, thanks so much. Stay awesome. Be great.