Curriculum Comparison Chart
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REVIEW: Online resources from NEST’s website: Curriculum Comparison Chart

Curriculum Comparison Chart

National Educators to Stop Trafficking (NEST) has a Curriculum Comparison Chart that was “created to provide a snapshot of the curriculums that are currently available around the country and to compare their features.

Whether a particular curriculum does or does not have a feature is not a reflection of the quality of the program, the chart simply shows all of the features for each curriculum so that you can easily find the curriculum that best fits your particular needs and student/youth demographic.

Some curriculums are for sale and some are not. A curriculum that is for sale can be purchased directly from the providing organization and used in nearly any location. Those that are not for sale are either offered by trained professionals in a particular area, or are free web-based materials.

Choose the curriculum(s) that best suit your needs, and then contact those curriculum providers for further information.”



I have learned that NEST focuses on programs surrounding sexual assault, rather than 100% trafficking, so I’m really looking at this as a way to compare any other related online courses.

Sexual assault definitely creates a huge vulnerability of which traffickers can take advantage.

Unfortunately, there were only 8 links on the page that went to the appropriate page of a live website. A few pages were completely missing and others were resources that may have been moved.

Link pages like this tend to expire, so it’s a shame this one is not up to date. Managing a web page is a LOT of THANKLESS work, so no blame to be handed out.

Below are the links that worked flawlessly. None of them took me to an online course, unfortunately. You can watch the whole experience in the YouTube video, above.



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