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REVIEW: Truckers Against Trafficking | CTAT Trained Local Drivers Certification Program (English)


Cost: Free.

Assessment-based Certificate: Yes. This isn’t a course; it’s a video with a 15 question test. 

Interactivity: None. It is a video. 

Duration: ~25 minutes.

Course description: In order to complete this certification program, you must demonstrate your knowledge of the issue of human trafficking and how a local driver, like yourself, can play a vital role in combatting this crime. Our training video will educate and equip you to understand this issue and, more importantly, empower you to take the steps necessary that could end up saving a life. You have the opportunity to be an everyday hero on the frontlines of this issue. Join us in this important work and help us get pimps and traffickers arrested and victims recovered.

Review: This course is, essentially, a single Truckers Against Trafficking video and test. There are 15 questions you must answer to receive your certificate. I go through the video training completely in the video below. They give a LOT of good things to look for as a driver. There’s a good list near the end of the video. I didn’t see a PDF to download with all of them, which in my opinion is a missed opportunity.

The video gives a “local driver” centric view of trafficking. It includes survivors and interviews with drivers (Uber, deliveries, etc.) to give some perspective and lend credibility to the fact this could happen to anyone. The video mainly makes the point that if you see something, you should contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888.373.3888, and if there is a manager on duty somewhere, you should report to them as well.

One of the most important things a driver can do is DOCUMENT what they see and experience as QUICKLY as possible. Document and report quickly. Who are they? What do they look like? What are they wearing? What other details can you recall? What vehicle are they driving? Write it down and call it in! 

You can press play and pause the video. It’s all or nothing. No subtitles (in any language), no full screen, no video quality or speed selection. 

There IS a Spanish version that I have not taken to verify how it is different.

Warning: I DO go through the quiz answers in the video. Don’t cheat yourself, just watch the training video on the real site and earn your certificate yourself. 

Language support: It’s a little complicated. There is an English version of the course and a Spanish version of the course and they are completely separate from one another. This review is for the English version of the course.

Additional Resources: There are no downloadable resources.

Link to courseClick here.

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