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COPA Airlines joins Blue Heart Campaign

COPA Airlines, Panama’s flagship air carrier, has joined the Blue Heart Campaign against Human Trafficking. By placing the Blue Heart symbol next to its planes’ doors, COPA becomes the latest private sector partner in raising of the plight of victims of human trafficking while building support to fight the criminals behind it.

The partnership was unveiled recently at a ceremony attended by Pablo De La Guardia, COPA’s Director for Government Relations, Álvaro Varela, General Secretary of Panama’s Ministry of Security, and Amado Philip de Andrés, UNODC Representative in the region.

The Hub of the Americas, a recently established continental air transport facility in Panama, is used by COPA to fly to 69 destinations in 30 countries across the region. This will give the Blue Heart Campaign extended visibility, showing COPA’s commitment to combating human trafficking and serving as an important example of cooperation with the private sector.

Mr. De La Guardia expressed also COPA’s interest in continuing his company’s collaboration and support within the framework established by the Blue Heart Campaign led by UNODC and the Ministry of Security. The Blue Heart, a symbol of solidarity with the many victims of human trafficking across the globe, will thus have a strong presence in the Americas, encouraging involvement and inspiring action to combat human trafficking.



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