Human Trafficking Essentials


Fifteen years of researching and delivering human trafficking prevention classes is distilled into a two hour interactive online course. 

This course focuses on the core essentials required to understand, recognize, and help end human trafficking.

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Learning objectives


David Deeds

Education Director

Course instructor David Deeds brings over a decade of experience researching and raising awareness about human trafficking. In that time, he has hosted events, engaged legislators, and found innovative ways of working against human trafficking while informing others.

Billy Joe Cain

Creative Director

Billy Joe’s 30 years of interactive entertainment and educational product experience and 5 years of human trafficking prevention training to bear against this horrible crime. After a profound personal experience set him on this mission, he has built a network of experts to create the best course to fight trafficking in the world.

Welcome to Human Trafficking Essentials

Human Trafficking Essentials Videos

Learning objectives are woven into specific, easy to watch, videos

Breakdown: 4 chapters  10 sections • 9 videos • 120 minutes

This is the first video of the course. You find all the details of what is offered throughout the course and what you will learn.

Following the Welcome video, you take the Pre-Course Assessment to provide a baseline of your current understanding of human trafficking. This will be useful at the end of the course when you take the Final Certificate Exam.

You can see how much your understanding and knowledge about human trafficking increased by completing the course.

In this video we break down the exact definition of human trafficking at the national and international levels.

After viewing this video, you will know the elements of human trafficking and the similarities between the two most commonly used definitions of human trafficking.

In the first prevalence video, we share some of the most reliable estimates and statistics on human trafficking to help you better understand the scope and breadth of this terrible crime.

In the second prevalence video, we show you how this crime affects individuals by sharing real-life survivor stories.

In this first video on vulnerabilities associated with human trafficking, you learn about demographics that place individuals and groups and greater risk of being trafficked. This includes race, income, and geography.

With an understanding of how vulnerabilities can increase a person’s chances of being trafficked, we use real world stories to show how these vulnerabilities were exploited by traffickers.

In this video we explain how to be aware of the context of the situation to help you identify red flags and determine if someone is being trafficked or at risk of being trafficked.

To better understand the types of everyday situations where people are being trafficked or at risk for being trafficked, we walk you through multiple real-life stories that involves kids being groomed and vulnerabilities being exploited.

In this final video, we explain how to respond to a situation where you believe someone is being trafficked. From nurses to parents, the ability to respond appropriately is available to everyone.

In this Final Certificate Exam, you use everything you gained by completing all sections of the course. Upon finishing this test, you can see how this score compares with your Pre-Course Assessment to see how much you learned from your Human Trafficking Essentials course.

To receive your certificate, you must master the Final Certificate Exam.

Exceeds all Human Trafficking Education Requirements

Human Trafficking Essentials focuses on Awareness, Prevention, and Responses, which are the foundation upon which everyone should build their knowledge.

Your Certificate of Completion can be presented to an employer, nonprofit group, educational institution, or other entity.

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Learn Anywhere

Your Human Trafficking Essentials online course is 100% online and self-paced, which allows you to start and stop at any time and as often as necessary to accommodate your schedule.

The course can also be taken on any device that has access to the Internet, including:

Desktop computers
Laptop computers Tablets
Smart phones

You can even start on one device and continue on another!

Guaranteed Acceptance

Your Human Trafficking Essentials Course Certificate comes backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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"The 2000 Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) was the first comprehensive federal law to address human trafficking. In addition to the protections offered through immigration relief for foreign national victims of human trafficking, it focuses on prevention through public awareness programs, both domestically and abroad, and prosecution through new federal criminal statutes." *
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation

* Chapter One of Human Trafficking Essentials ensures students fully understand the legal definition of human trafficking.

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act’s definition of trafficking has three requirements: Action, Means, and Purpose. Each are examined in detail, so students can authoritatively understand and explain why something is or is not trafficking.