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Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with our educational tools. Human Trafficking Essentials – Name Your Price Course contains everything from our Human Trafficking Essentials Online Mastery Certificate Course: 30+ minutes of original instructional and animated video, interactive lessons and activities, and pre- and post-course assessments. You receive your assessment score through email.

All Human Trafficking Essentials™ courses include in-depth information on human trafficking definitions, prevalence, risk factors, vulnerabilities, red flags, and responses.

Every $10 helps us provide human trafficking education to people around the world.

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Sample video from the third Chapter of Human Trafficking Essentials Name Your Price Course, below.

In this video, “Vulnerabilities are systemic causes,” you learn how factors like race, income, and geography create vulnerabilities that put people at greater risk of being trafficked.

The course everyone needs to understand human trafficking

Online, self-paced, self-guided. An interactive, fact-based, victim-centered, human trafficking awareness and prevention training with measurable learning outcomes.

Specifically designed for professionals and anyone interested in advancing their knowledge of human trafficking. It covers all the basics everyone (children, parents, and professionals) should know.

Far beyond typical “voice over a slideshow” training, Human Trafficking Essentials utilizes interactive education techniques to provide an unprecedented learning experience.

Interactive learning is six times better than passively watching videos or reading. A study from Carnegie Mellon University shows that students using interactive learning out-perform students only learning through instructional videos by a factor of six to one.

Human Trafficking Essentials courses provide accurate, relevant information that has been vetted by professionals, and it allows you to practice what you learn as you progress toward mastery. Care has been taken to provide multiple learning modalities to account for all learning styles. It is also designed with your lifestyle in mind, so you can start and continue your progress on any web browser at any time.

There is no need to set aside a huge block of time because the course is broken into small, bite-sized sections. You can take as much time as you like to complete the course or perform research in the Knowledge Vault.

University students across America are utilizing Human Trafficking Essentials in their classes to cover this often-neglected topic. Read more about how College of DuPage and Governor’s State University are using it to train their criminal justice students.

Psychology Today interviewed PBJ Learning’s founders during National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, where they explained how children can be manipulated into becoming victims without even realizing it is happening, often times right under their parents’ noses. You will learn about this type of “grooming” within the course, in Chapter 4: Red Flags and Responses.

Learning Objectives

  • Legal definitions and requirements

  • Actions, Means, and Purpose are required to be considered trafficking

  • How vulnerabilities and unmet needs can lead to trafficking

  • Common red flags

  • Risk factors and vulnerabilities

  • Proper responses


  • 100% Online: Access on Mobile, PC, Tablet and Laptop

  • Start, stop, and continue your learning on any device at any time
  • Four thorough chapters, nine original instructional and animated videos (30+ minutes), and multiple in-depth lessons and interactive activities
  • Demonstrable mastery of learning objectives through assessment-based testing

Testimonials for Human Trafficking Essentials

"A treasure; a course with evidence of strategic and methodical implementation of diverse teaching strategies to reach every learner with or without prior human trafficking knowledge"

As a nurse educator for over a decade, and focusing on human trafficking for the last two years, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to view this virtual training.

As I clicked on “play” my mindset shifted to predetermined assumptions of what a human trafficking training would look like. Regardless, I was most excited about the opportunity to complete the training from the comfort of my home. To my surprise, I discovered a treasure; a course with evidence of strategic and methodical implementation of diverse teaching strategies to reach every learner with or without prior human trafficking knowledge.

The course overall was engaging, easy to follow, interesting, and divided into small sections with application exercises, allowing for immediate use of the information learned. The segments and activities were so engaging that I felt excited and accomplished at the end of each one as my intellectual growth was evident. The use of drag and drop, matching, and video cases to help “connect the dots” was impressive.

Furthermore, these activities helped not only reinforcing the information, but it forces the learner to apply the new knowledge with the use of scenarios. I cannot recall another virtual training the engaged the learner as in depth as this one, aside from educational tools used by our school of nursing. I do not imply these do not exist elsewhere; rather, it is atypical for virtual trainings (even some created for masters and doctoral prepared audiences) to reach this level of detail and commitment to produce a diverse virtual learning environment.

This course provides crucial information related to human trafficking and its legal aspect yet remains focused on the most relevant and useful information for any learner in any setting. I highly recommend this wonderful and effective training.”

Marielle Combs, DNP, RN, CNE. Marielle Combs is an experienced certified nurse educator, published author (“Human Trafficking: Empowering Healthcare Providers and Community Partners as Advocates for Victims“), and advocate for increasing anti-human trafficking awareness. She is the nursing education director for the anti-trafficking non-profit organization Exitus

Advisory Board Member Marielle Combs DNP, RN, CNE

Dr. Combs uses her educational expertise to empower future nurses and the community in human trafficking identification, rescue, and the healing of survivors. Her extensive educational experience will guide PBJ Learning’s training curriculum.

"Academic rigor and credible resources"

I am very impressed with the academic rigor and credible resources used for this course. The credentials for this course are clearly established and bring credibility to its content. I especially like the short videos and interactive reinforcement activities. The stories of the everyday people were excellent to also reinforce a specific issue and how it can be resolved.”

Dr. Paula Zobisch, Executive Vice President, Curriculum Development & Partner Relations,

Dr. Paula Zobisch

"Well designed and crucial instruction that everyone should complete."

“The continued prevalence of human trafficking is a stain on society.

This instruction shines a much needed light on the issue, clarifies related concepts and provides initial guidance on how anyone can combat it.”

Dr. William Watson, professor of Learning Design and Technology and Director of the Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning in Virtual Environments.

Dr. William Watson, Professor of Learning Design and Technology and Director of the Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning in Virtual Environments

"A real eye-opener; well worth the effort"

“The presentation is very slick, and the procedure is easy to follow. The exam is thorough, and I was pleased that an incorrect answer was accompanied by the correct section to study for that knowledge. Before taking the course, I thought I had a solid grasp of the nature of human trafficking, but the initial test to determine my baseline knowledge was a real eye-opener!  

I have taken many courses like this covering different subjects over the years, and they are often a simple formality, but Human Trafficking Essentials taught me valuable information about this horrific industry, and I feel equipped to recognize the signs of it when I see it, and the appropriate steps to take

I had to put in earnest work for the Certificate of Mastery and it was well worth the effort.”

Steve Powers, veteran interactive professional.

Steve Powers

"Crucial education"

“Sex trafficking, forced labor, child soldiers, and other forms of human trafficking are at the core of much human suffering, particularly in demographics that are already economically, emotionally and otherwise vulnerable.

PBJ’s online course, Human Trafficking Essentials, provides crucial education for community leaders, educators and others in identifying the red flags of potential human trafficking scenarios and a necessary guide for helping its victims.”

– Jenny Bendel, Activist and Community Relations Advisor. She is an award-winning communications and community development professional with more that 30 years of experience creating highly successful initiatives for clients in music, gaming, comics, toys and more, as well as for a variety of humanitarian, environmental and civil rights campaigns and social justice issues.

Jenny Bendel

“Human Trafficking Essentials uses an impressive interactive methodology to impart a concise understanding of human trafficking as a legal, social, and community issue”

“As an international human rights lawyer and professor of Human Rights Law (specialising in the demand side of human trafficking), I was impressed with the interactive methodology employed by PBJ Learning in its presentation of human trafficking from the U.S. perspective.

As a key human rights issue, it is essential to increase awareness as a starting point down the journey towards ultimate freedom for all. This course, as a solid educative introduction to human trafficking, accomplishes just that. It delivers a concise understanding of how human trafficking can be understood as a legal, social, and community issue while bearing on the need to address human trafficking through the lens of the ‘let’s react now’, timeline approach.” 

Theresa Ryan-Rouger, experienced international human rights lawyer.

PBJ Learning Advisory Board Member Theresa Ryan-Rouger is an experienced human rights lawyer, lecturer, published researcher, and development project leader with expertise in International Human Rights: Children's rights, SASE, Human Trafficking, Business and Human Rights

“Human Trafficking Essentials is the best course I’ve ever seen on the topic of human trafficking”

“This is the best course I’ve ever seen on the topic of human trafficking. It covers the scope and the facts well without exaggeration or fluff. Every person in the United States needs to take this course.”

– Adam Zarnowski, Anti-Human Trafficking and Anti-Predatory Offense Specialist.

PBJ Learning Advisory Board Member Adam Zarnowski

"Great resource that provides real life examples and information about the reporting hotline."

Sadly, the course underscored the important point that human traffickers truly undermine the free will of their victims and profit off of their abuse. Imagining that reality is hard, but it is important. In fact, when I first heard the term human trafficking I imagined people walking around in a crowd acting like cars. However, the reality is that there is not much in common between this whimsical image and the human rights issue also known as modern day slavery.

As a social worker, understanding the context of my clients’ traumas helps me empathize with them and eventually promote their healing. Furthermore, conscientiousness about the threats facing my young clients helps me better inform them about navigating life’s uncertainties. That is why I recommend PBJ Learning’s Human Trafficking Essentials – Online Certificate Course which informatively calls the issue to light.

This course is easily at the same level as other training I have done at my agency as it engages the learner in video and online activities. Furthermore, Human Trafficking Essentials is a great resource in that it also provides real life examples and information about the reporting hotline. You never know when you can intervene in someone’s life so, let’s do our part in ending trafficking!-

Camille Euritt, LMSW, 2021 Vice President Education for Austin Toastmasters

Camille Euritt is a licensed master social worker and trainer in Austin, Texas.


This was a life-changing course. The issue must be brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds and learn how to be aware and what actions to take. Human Trafficking Essentials will be an incredible value add to our business network and portfolio of courses.”

Amanda Jones, MBA Finance, Executive Vice President, Operations & Corporate Relations,

Amanda Jones, Executive Vice President, Operations & Corporate Relations - Envisage Global

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