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Helping UK SMEs Mitigate Risk of Modern Slavery: Evaluation Report December 2021

17 January 2022

Recognising the lack of targeted anti-slavery resources specifically for SMEs who make up the majority of business in the UK, Shiva Foundation and STOP THE TRAFFIK created a toolkit to support this market.

The toolkit, which was created and rolled out between March 2020 and October 2021, includes a practical risk assessment tool, advice on how to mitigate risks for direct employees and agency workers, relevant reporting mechanisms, supply chain risk management advice and a wealth of additional free resources.

This evaluation report details the key takeaways and insights from the creation, promotion and reception of the toolkit. Here is a breakdown:

Key successes
  • The toolkit has been downloaded over 2,600 times
  • 200 people have attended webinars
  • A network of over 20,000 SMEs have been reached through 75 directly linked stakeholders
  • 7 organisations have embedded the toolkit in their own business offerings
  • The toolkit was deemed fit for purpose by webinar attendees
Key learnings
  • The toolkit was useful for public sector organisations as well
  • Accessibility of the toolkit was important and, as a result,shorter versions were made to accommodate this
  • Despite trying to initially focus on business advisory services, there was an appetite from SMEs themselves, so the webinars shifted to build their capacity directly
  • It is difficult to get direct feedback from the SMEs who have engaged because of the nature of the webinars (being and slightly more one way than a workshop)
  • COVID-19 set the timeline off, however both organisations stayed committed and the programme has remained a priority despite the challenges and staff turnover.



This “Eyes on Trafficking” story is reprinted from Shiva Foundation’s website.


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