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Tarrant County 5 Stones October 2023 Meeting

Here is our recorded meeting link and chat notes for our October 2023 TC 5 Stones meeting!

Our 5 Stones meeting this October consisted of some updates and a presentation by Kirsta Melton, Founder and CEO of the Institute to Combat Trafficking, as she discussed pimp culture and the normalization of sexualization within society.  At the request of the speaker, we are unable to publish her presentation.  

Link to the recorded meeting (prior to the main presentation):

The chat log is how our audience is able to introduce themselves and their agencies.  Here is the link to the chat log:

Spotlight Agency this month – Not In My Neighborhood ([email protected])

We had 3 agency announcements this month:

  • Tirzh Brown – Unbound Now
  • CJ Winslow – Catering To Love
    • Catering to Love is blessing foster families and survivors this Thanksgiving with holiday meals. They need donors and volunteers. Please contact him at: [email protected], for more information to sign up.
  • Teena James – Safe in the Six
    • Safe in the Six is providing Christmas presents for young boys and needs donations for underwear for young boys, deodorant, brushes, and combs. Contact [email protected] for more information.

This is also the time of year when we conduct our Amazon Gift Card drive for survivors.  We are collecting $25 digital gift cards now through November 30th.  At the beginning of December, we will then distribute the gift cards to select 5 Stones partner agencies that have direct victim services.  To purchase a gift card, follow this link: https://cutt.ly/AmazonGiftCard2023 and use Felicia.Tallent@FortWorthTexas.gov as the email address it should be sent to.  

For those wanting to get more involved, follow the link below to see a list of ways you can participate in anti-trafficking efforts!

How Can I Help List:

Thank you for joining us!  

Felicia Tallent, Founder
Tarrant County 5 Stones Taskforce

TC 5 Stones October 2023

Our 5 Stones meeting this October consisted of some law enforcement updates and a presentation by Kirsta Melton, Founder and CEO of the Institute to Combat Trafficking, as she discussed pimp culture and the normalization of sexualization within society.  At the request of the speaker, we are unable to publish her portion of the presentation.

Unedited YouTube Transcript

greetings welcome to the Tarrant County
five Stones task force we've got a lot
of people today and it's great to see
everybody on
Halloween um glad you could make it out
we will jump right into things because
we have a packed uh session today um
we'll start first of all with a thank
you to catering to love for providing
food and let me turn this off real
all right so we're gonna start with some
agency announcements and the first thing
that we're going to start with is our
Spotlight agency which is not in my
neighborhood so I'm going to have Miss
Kathy cipher come and introduce not in
my neighborhood to
hello my name is Kathy stord if she said
um not in my neighborhood started in
2016 and it was named we took a vote on
the name because when we started sharing
some of the experiences that we knew
that was going on everybody said that's
not in my neighborhood it's not here
it's over there or over there but it's
not in my neighborhood so we decided to
call ourselves not in my
neighborhood and what we do is I don't
speak um our leaders don't speak but we
have law enforcement and um agencies
like Alliance for children who come in
that are our speakers we have Taran
County Sheriff's Department Fort Worth
PD uh Homeland Security and they are the
experts they are the professionals so we
ask them to come and speak we've had a
number of meetings probably I don't know
25 or 30 before coid after Co we've not
done so well but we're trying to crank
it back up we have no money we're not a
money making business so I'm the source
that goes out and begs and pleads for
someplace to host us churches community
centers neighborhood
associations but we like to get enough
of a crowd that brings our speakers
Worthy you know because and we've had
seriously we've had every time we had a
meeting we have people ask questions
about how come my school hasn't
mentioned this how come nobody tells us
this how come and I'm going I don't know
but here we are so I come to you to say
that if anybody's interested in a
meeting I have cards out there on the
table so feel to take a card and
pass it on or take multiple cards and
ask your community ask your churches ask
your neighbors ask your neighborhood
associations whatever you may be a part
of we would love to host a meeting any
questions for
me all right
thanks all right and she does uh have a
table out in the hallway so after the
meeting if you have if you do have
questions you want to get information
feel free to stop by before you leave
today I also wanted to announce that we
do have our gift card Drive underway so
every year we collect uh $25 Amazon gift
cards that we then will give to agencies
that are directly working with survivors
so it's a nice uh Christmas gift for
some of the people that have been
victimized and um try to bring them some
encouragement do we have any other
agency announcements today
yes hey my name is tiza with Unbound now
we are currently hiring for several open
positions and so we just wanted the
community to know that if you know of
anybody with a background in Social
Services we're hiring for several
Advocate positions as well as for an
admin position so yeah just go to
Unbound now.org if you're interested and
feel free to reach out to any of us if
you want more information
all right any other agency
announcements okay yes
please baked potatoes for winner right
are those any good you guys liking that
yeah it's her idea she knew it was
coming all right so first I wanted to
thank you guys again for honoring me
with the opportunity to be of service to
y'all y'all are my heroes and I really
really appreciate my one time a month
with come out and do this so like we did
last year we did a we do a lot of work
with Foster and we adopt Foster families
every year for Thanksgiving to deliver a
meal to them and we do it at to order
right whatever they want we're going to
cook up or grocery shop or whatever
several of y'all joined us last year and
I'd love for y'all to join us again come
to their doors thank them for doing what
they do for those kids praying over them
obvious reasons right we don't want them
in the space we're serving here let's
heal and get them away from there so I
got a QR code sitting over here I also
wanted to thank some of y'all for
connecting with me and bringing several
of the survivor families those you know
who you are here up to us to be able to
serve those so this year we're actually
serving I believe 45 survivor families
plus right and we have survivors who are
also going to be volunteering and going
and hugging and thanking those foster
families and that's because y'all came
together and made the connection so
thank you so much for being who y'all
are doing what you do I'd love y'all to
join us on this I'll just leave it up
I'm Tina James with safe and the six I
actually uh take care of Youth over in
the stop6 area but we're not limited to
the stop six area and currently what
we're doing for the holidays is we're uh
looking for donations for underwear for
young boys uh ages 14 to uh 18 they're
actually from eighth grade to seniors
and so we're looking for underwear
deodorants Sho uh socks um t-shirts
brushes and cones for all young boys and
we actually will be providing these
things for them for Christmas so they
have some undergarments during Christmas
fresh new undergarments so if anyone
would like to donate or support please
let me know again I'm Tina James with
safe in the
six all right anybody
else okay then we will go ahead and get
started with our law enforcement updates
we'll start with for with PD and
morning so just um a couple of quick
things before so we just recently moved
out of Calvert which is this location
here we just moved to AFC our unit um
and we moved because our Sergeant is now
over um human trafficking as well as
Internet crimes against children so now
we're housed under the same building and
um so that's been a change for us and
then um one week last month we were
actually out in training um in Dallas
and it was uh for emotional based
interview techniques and it was a really
great training class that we were able
to attend so last month was really
really busy um for the month of October
we had nine cases that came in and two
tips but the cases
um five of those cases were juvenile
cases from the age of 13 to 15 um and so
we are uh working on those right now but
just going I know last month I let y'all
know that we had done an Ops and we were
able to recover we did recover one
juvenile during that time and were able
to set her up with one of The Advocates
from traffic
911 and um that was a real game changer
for her that she um The Advocate reached
out to me just giving me an update that
she's been in contact with her um that
they are working on getting her into job
core um so just again just walking with
her through this process and I say that
because it does it takes all of us it's
not you know just a law enforcement you
know or Advocates or the churches or the
schools you know we really do we need
everybody in this room everybody in our
community to help walk with these
victims on where they are I meet them
where they are and then help them where
they want to be and um we just we can't
do this alone none of us can do it alone
and I just appreciate y'all all being
here and um so that's
all right normally we'd hear from Taran
County uh sheriff's office but I believe
something came up this month so they
weren't able to make it so we will go
ahead and introduce our speaker which
I'm very excited to introduce some of
you may have seen her last night um she
did do a case study at Christ
Chapel Christa leeberg Melton is the
founder and CEO of The Institute to
combat trafficking an organization
dedicated to Seeking Justice for victims
of trafficking and holding traffickers
accountable from 2015 to 2019 Melton
served as the deputy criminal chief of
the human trafficking and transnational
organized crime section of the office of
the and for the
15 years prior to that she prosecuted
human trafficking physical and sexual
abuse of children adult sex cases and
family violence in San Antonio Texas it
was during her time in San Antonio that
she established and led the Bexar County
District Attorney's human trafficking
unit as well as reinvigorating and
leading the Alamo area Coalition against
trafficking Melton is responsible for
several of the state's first life
sentences for trafficking and served as
the lead prosecutor for the State of
Texas in the takedown of backpage.com in
2018 Melton also chaired the Texas
Statewide human trafficking prevention
task force and coordinating Council the
Alamo area Coalition against trafficking
and served as member of the steering
committee for the central Texas
Coalition against
trafficking she has trained more than
20,000 people in person on human
trafficking and has been featured in
multiple training films utilized by
hundreds of thousands of additional
people melon played a critical role in
the restructuring of Texas trafficking
law and procedure and is regularly
called to consult with and testify
before this on
trafficking issues she graduated from
Cornell University in 199 93 and
received her jurist Prudence degree and
master of public affairs from the
University of Texas in 1998 I am super
excited to introduce CHR
Melton all right team we got a fly we
got a lot of material we got to cover in
a short period of time I know
everybody's got to get back to work and
so that's what we're going I am
generally loud enough for people to hear
me but I also need to stay next to this
microphone if you see me wandering far
to this side I want you to just go
because I got to get back in the screen
for everybody online hello online um
also just if you have questions you can
throw them out there I'm happy to answer
them or if we have time at the end we
can take them up and I'm happy to answer
anything you have to say now let me give
you a warning on this presentation it is
um painful okay it's painful it's not a
super fun presentation to hear um but
it's one that I find to be um necessary
in this space uh when I started doing
trafficking cases one of the things that
I thought hey you know I think we really
need to think about is what are the
cultural pieces that are playing into
trafficking so I spent some time doing
this research and this is kind of what's
come out of that so I'm going to drive
you way down and then hopefully by the
end I'm gonna pull you back up a little
bit so that's kind of your warning piece
because I've had people say hey I think
you should tell people that this is
really a downer I'm like okay I'll tell
people that um before we get started so
that's all right so there was a lot of
information there it was pretty heavy
material so remember one of our previous
uh meetings where we talked about
self-care and uh Miss Melton will be
here for a few minutes if you have
questions thank you for coming out and
we'll see you all next