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The world SHOULD be a safe place for children.

I talked to my daughter this morning before she left for school in whatever fumbling way I could about what had happened yesterday in TX. I asked her if she feels safe in school. She replied “yes, because we have been taught how to barricade our classroom and there are a lot of officers nearby”. I could hardly hold it together. This is where we are at.

As a supporter of Love146, we know you care about children. You care about human beings. And this is all too much. The recent massacres at Tops supermarket, Geneva Presbyterian Church, and Robb Elementary School are gutting. We wanted to acknowledge the impact that all of this has on our daily lives. This weight is being felt atop the daily news of global atrocities as well as events in our own families & communities.

Please make sure you have the support you need to grieve, stay safe, and remain healthy. Look after each other and if needed, reach out to a loved one for support. Intentionally hold space for what you can. As my friend Jennifer says, “know that the part of you that feels overwhelmed and can’t hold it all isn’t the part that is inhuman — it’s the part that is profoundly human.”

Our core belief at Love146 is that the world SHOULD be a safe place for children. And we insist that it’s possible, but only by our action. We will continue, by our daily actions, to make that more than a possibility, but a reality.



This “Eyes on Trafficking” story is reprinted from Love146.


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