The Power of a Global Strategy: Local Partners Quickly Help Kenyan Woman Despite Borders

Breaking News: This week, Rescue:Freedom Regional Coordinator of Africa and Spain shared an exciting update about our Local Partners working together to bring hope and freedom to a woman from Kenya.

Last week, our Executive Director at our Local Partner’s in Ethiopia contacted us to say that a woman he knew from Kenya had reached out via Facebook needing help. The woman, Mary,* had traveled to Madrid, Spain, for a better job and was currently “stranded.”

Our Local Partner in Ethiopia spotted trafficking signs from the discussion and was concerned that she had been caught in an exploitive scam. He quickly sent our Rescue:Freedom network her details.

Victims of may be falsely promised jobs, forced into sexual slavery by a family member or someone they are romantically involved with or kidnapped.

We immediately contacted our network Regional Coordinator of Spain, Ayla (7:11 am), to see if our Local Partner in the region could assist. After relaying her the details, we contacted our Local Partners in Spain, and help was on the way within an hour.

By 8:54 am, our Local Partner in Spain was connected with our Local Partners in Ethiopia and working to help Mary.

Last night, this was the photo we received from our Local Partner’s staff and Mary* in one of our safe houses in Spain.

She was being exploited. But now, Mary is in a safe and caring environment where she will be given the to be empowered, independent, and reunited with family.

“Together, we are setting people . This is the story of a caring of abolitionists working together across borders to bring hope.” – Grant Small, Rescue:Freedom Regional Coordinator of Africa and Spain

Your support fuels a holistic and global solution. When all 11 strategies work together, sex trafficking is abolished, and freedom is made possible for every human, in every place, for every generation. It’s why we believe we can end trafficking in our lifetime.

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*Name changed to protect the survivor in our care.



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