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Our Advisers promise to keep up with our work and provide their best guidance

It is so fantastic to hear you are interested in becoming one of our awesome advisers.
We would love you to be constantly involved, but we understand how important your time is, so we only require one hour-long call per quarter. 
Billy Joe Cain Co-founder and Creative Director of PBJ Learning and Radical Empathy

Human Trafficking Essentials completion (required)

All advisers must complete Human Trafficking Essentials. This as critical because it helps you understand how we approach education.

You can do this on your own or we can do it through a screen share, so we can address any of your thoughts as you go.

Quarterly meetings (required)

We have a standing one-hour group call on the first Tuesday of the quarter, where we go over PBJ Learning’s recent accomplishments and upcoming objectives. 

Current 2022 schedule is noon CST on March 1, June 7, Sept 6, Dec 6.

Bi-weekly meetings (optional)

You are absolutely welcome to participate in our bi-weekly Zoom meetings (5:30am Thursdays), where we share advice and research assistance. PBJ Learning will also publish and cross-promote your materials or news, if you wish. PBJ Learning commits to continual self-improvement based upon your leadership. 

Testimonials / bio / headshot (required)

From each adviser, we ask for a brief story about what makes you interested in our work and a biography of any length you want, including any degrees or groups you represent or volunteer with, and a headshot. 

Theresa’s is a great example! 

“Human Trafficking Essentials uses an impressive interactive methodology to impart a concise understanding of human trafficking as a legal, social, and community issue”

“As an international human rights lawyer and professor of Human Rights Law (specialising in the demand side of human trafficking), I was impressed with the interactive methodology employed by PBJ Learning in its presentation of human trafficking from the U.S. perspective.

As a key human rights issue, it is essential to increase awareness as a starting point down the journey towards ultimate freedom for all. This course, as a solid educative introduction to human trafficking, accomplishes just that. It delivers a concise understanding of how human trafficking can be understood as a legal, social, and community issue while bearing on the need to address human trafficking through the lens of the ‘let’s react now’, timeline approach.” 

– Theresa Ryan-Rouger, experienced international human rights lawyer

PBJ Learning Advisory Board Member Theresa Ryan-Rouger is an experienced human rights lawyer, lecturer, published researcher, and development project leader with expertise in International Human Rights: Children's rights, SASE, Human Trafficking, Business and Human Rights

Marketing materials

  • Your involvement will be mentioned within our marketing materials, including press releases (required)
  • We would appreciate you posting your Human Trafficking Essentials course certificate on your online profile (LinkedIn, for example), or mentioning it online somewhere (optional)
  • We would also appreciate being mentioned in your online presence (optional)

Advisers in good standing can

  • Define their own role (required)
  • Promote their involvement with PBJ Learning, provide free or discount coupon codes for Human Trafficking Essentials to colleagues, use our logos, and generally spread goodwill from the organization across the world in any way they see fit.
  • Say “yes” a lot and help us figure out HOW we are going to make YES happen.
Let me know if you have any questions. We will make whatever changes are needed to accommodate anyone’s situation. The mission is what’s most important.
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