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Master your entry-level, assessment-based, human trafficking course and prove you have thoroughly learned, practiced, and mastered the essentials required to understand, recognize, and respond to human trafficking situations.

Online human trafficking course

CLICK to watch this video, “What is human trafficking?”, from the first Chapter of Human Trafficking Essentials: Online Certificate Course. It demonstrates the core elements of human trafficking and the similarities between the two most commonly used definitions of human trafficking in the United States (TVPA) and across the world (Palermo Protocol).

Learning Objectives

  • Legal definitions and requirements
  • Actions, Means, and Purpose are required to be considered trafficking
  • How vulnerabilities and unmet needs can lead to trafficking
  • Common red flags
  • Risk factors and vulnerabilities
  • Proper responses


  • 100% Online: Access on Mobile, PC, Tablet and Laptop
  • Start, stop, and continue your learning on any device at any time
  • Certificate of Completion with Money Back Guarantee
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the course are 100% guaranteed to be accepted by any organization.
  • Over 30 minutes of original, instructional, and animated videos (30+ minutes)
  • Wide variety of in-depth lessons and interactive activities
  • Demonstrable mastery of learning objectives through assessment-based testing

A study from Carnegie Mellon University shows that students using interactive learning out-perform students only learning through instructional videos by a factor of six to one.

Far beyond a typical “voice over a slideshow” training, Human Trafficking Essentials utilizes multiple interactive education techniques to provide an unprecedented learning experience you can use in any web browser, even on your phone.  

There is no need to set aside a huge block of time because the course is broken into small, bite-sized sections, so you can earn your Certificate of Mastery over multiple sessions at your convenience. 

Your Knowledge Vault Membership lasts a lifetime, giving you access to up-to-date curated materials far beyond your essential human trafficking course.

Human Trafficking training course: Human Trafficking Essentials Online Certificate Human Trafficking Course
Exceeds mandatory requirements
Human Trafficking Essentials teaches the foundations: definitions, awareness, prevalence, vulnerabilities, red flags, prevention, and responses.

Your Certificate of Mastery meets or exceeds standards set by courts, legal orders, legal representatives, parole or probation requirements, employers, educational institutions, or any other entities.
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Human trafficking courses are 100% online and self-paced and allow you to start and stop as often as necessary to accommodate your schedule.

Use any device that has access to the Internet, including: Desktop computers | Laptop computers | Tablets | Smart phones

You can even start on one device and continue on another!
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Your Human Trafficking Essentials Certificate of Mastery is guaranteed to be accepted. If your certificate is not accepted for any reason, you will receive a full, no hassle refund.

If you are an employer interested in our available human trafficking courses, please contact us so we can get you what you need.
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Certificate of Mastery accepted by professional organizations

The Human Trafficking Essentials Certificate of Mastery has been accepted for Project Management Professional (PMP) Professional Development Units (PDUs) by the internationally-recognized Project Management Institute. CIO Magazine ranked the PMP as the top project management certification in North America, because “it demonstrates you have the specific skills employers seek, dedication to excellence and the capacity to perform at the highest levels.”

Membership benefit of professional organizations

“PBJ Learning is proud to announce our new partnership with the International Game Developers Association,” says Billy Joe Cain, co-founder of PBJ Learning.  “IGDA members, including employees of the biggest companies in the world, from Activision (the makers of World of Warcraft) to Epic Games (the makers of Fortnite) can now learn about human trafficking through the easiest to access interactive online course on trafficking in the world.”

Certificate of Mastery accepted by academia

University students across America are utilizing Human Trafficking Essentials in their classes to cover this often-neglected topic. Read more about how College of DuPage and Governor’s State University are using it to train their criminal justice students.

Human Trafficking Essentials Video Summaries

Learning objectives are woven into 30 minutes of easy to watch videos alongside well-researched lessons and interactive activities. Click below for contents of each video in your human trafficking course.

This is the first video of the course. You find all the details of what is offered throughout the course and what you will learn.

Following the Welcome video, you take the Pre-Course Assessment to provide a baseline of your current understanding of human trafficking. This will be useful at the end of the course when you take the Post-Course Assessment.

You can see how much your understanding and knowledge about human trafficking increased by completing the course.

In this video we break down the exact definition of human trafficking at the national and international levels.

After viewing this video, you will know the elements of human trafficking and the similarities between the two most commonly used definitions of human trafficking.

In the first prevalence video, we share some of the most reliable estimates and statistics on human trafficking to help you better understand the scope and breadth of this terrible crime.

In the second prevalence video, we show you how this crime affects individuals by sharing real-life survivor stories.

In this first video on vulnerabilities associated with human trafficking, you learn about demographics that place individuals and groups and greater risk of being trafficked. This includes race, income, and geography.

With an understanding of how vulnerabilities can increase a person’s chances of being trafficked, we use real world stories to show how these vulnerabilities were exploited by traffickers.

In this video we explain how to be aware of the context of the situation to help you identify red flags and determine if someone is being trafficked or at risk of being trafficked.

To better understand the types of everyday situations where people are being trafficked or at risk for being trafficked, we walk you through multiple real-life stories that involves kids being groomed and vulnerabilities being exploited.

In this final video, we explain how to respond to a situation where you believe someone is being trafficked. From nurses to parents, the ability to respond appropriately is available to everyone.

In this Post-Course Assessment, you use everything you gained by completing all sections of the course. Upon finishing this test, you can see how this score compares with your Pre-Course Assessment to see how much you learned from your Human Trafficking Essentials course.

Post-Course Assessment scores of 70% receive Completion Credit. Score 100% to receive your Certificate of Mastery.

Dr. David Deeds - PBJ Learning | Radical Empathy Education Foundation

Human trafficking course, Human Trafficking Essentials, written and taught by Dr. David Deeds

College of DuPage Professor, Governors University Professor, PBJ Learning Co-founder and Education Director​

Course instructor Dr. David Deeds brings over a decade of professional experience teaching, researching, and raising awareness about human trafficking. In that time, he has taught hundreds of university students, hosted events, engaged legislators, and found innovative ways of working against human trafficking while informing others.

Billy Joe Cain - PBJ Learning | Radical Empathy Education Foundation

Course interactivity and human trafficking training videos developed and produced by Billy Joe Cain

Interactive professional, Online learning professional, PBJ Learning Co-founder and Creative Director​

Billy Joe’s 30 years of interactive* entertainment and educational product experience and five years of human trafficking prevention training has been focused to end this horrible crime. After a profound personal experience set him on this mission, he has built a network of experts to create the best course to fight trafficking in the world.

Learn more about our team.

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