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Everyone needs to understand what human trafficking is and how it can affect anyone, anywhere.

Four thorough chapters cover

  • Definition. What is it? How can you recognize it?

  • Prevalence. Where is it happening?

  • Vulnerabilities. What can make someone more likely to be trafficked?

  • Responses. What should you do if someone needs help?

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End Human Trafficking Through Education

End Human Trafficking Through Education



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Human trafficking is "modern day slavery," and is primarily divided into Labor Trafficking and Sex Trafficking.

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. 

It is estimated that human trafficking generates billions of dollars of profit per year, and is second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable form of transnational crime, worldwide.

The scope of labor trafficking is unsettling

Labor trafficking affects millions worldwide. 

Most people do not know that many of the clothes we wear, objects we desire, food we eat, or technology we use are products of slavery in the United States of America and across the world. It is a devastating fact.

Sex trafficking victims can be found in every community

Most people have heard about sex trafficking through popular culture, but cannot recognize it happening right in front of them, or even when it is happening to them. 

Like labor trafficking, it can happen to anyone, through the means of force, fraud, or coercion. 


Everyone should understand what causes modern day slavery and how people’s vulnerabilities put them at risk. Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of accurate education reaching the average person, and even when people do know about it, they feel powerless to do anything. 

PBJ Learning wants to help people understand the problems that can lead to human trafficking and give them concrete actions to make changes on a local or individual level.

Human Trafficking Essentials teaches you how unmet needs can create victims, how victims can be psychologically manipulated by their traffickers, and how to safely respond to a potential trafficking situation of any kind.

We deliver our training through a method we call PREVENTUCATION. Learn more here

Get started now. It’s simple to sign up, easy to access anywhere, and you can go at your own pace. If the course does not exceed your expectations for any reason, we’ll refund your money!

Exceeds all mandatory human trafficking education requirements

Human Trafficking Essentials teaches the foundations upon which everyone should build their knowledge: definitions, awareness, prevalence, vulnerabilities, red flags, prevention, and responses.

Your Certificate of Completion can be presented to any employer, nonprofit group, educational institution, or other entity.

It exceeds standards set by courts, legal orders, legal representatives, parole or probation requirements, and employers or other entities.

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Learn anywhere

Your Human Trafficking Essentials online course is 100% online and self-paced, which allows you to start and stop at any time and as often as necessary to accommodate your schedule.

The course can also be taken on any device that has access to the Internet, including:

Desktop computers
Laptop computers
Smart phones

You can even start on one device and continue on another!

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Your Human Trafficking Essentials Certificate of Completion comes backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Your certificate is guaranteed to be accepted. If your certificate is not accepted for any reason, you will receive a full, no hassle refund.

If you are an employer interested in course specifics, please contact us.

Success spotlight: College of DuPage criminal justice students

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College of DuPage is a public community college with its main campus in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The college also owns and operates facilities in the Illinois communities of Addison, Carol Stream, Naperville and Westmont. 

Criminal Justice students learning about human trafficking

College of DuPage criminal justice students are learning the fundamentals of human trafficking through our online course, Human Trafficking Essentials.

“I had heard about human trafficking before,” said one of the students, “but now I know how to clearly define it, and what to do if I believe I have encountered a victim.” They added, “The course encouraged me to learn and gives me confidence because I can always review the course materials and activities to get a refresher.”

With more than 23,000 students, the College of DuPage is the second largest provider of undergraduate education in Illinois. The college serves students residing in Illinois’ Community College District 502.

"Crucial education"

“Sex trafficking, forced labor, child soldiers, and other forms of human trafficking are at the core of much human suffering, particularly in demographics that are already economically, emotionally and otherwise vulnerable.

PBJ’s online course, Human Trafficking Essentials, provides crucial education for community leaders, educators and others in identifying the red flags of potential human trafficking scenarios and a necessary guide for helping its victims.”

Jenny Bendel, Activist and Community Relations Advisor

Jenny Bendel

Welcome to a new way to learn about human trafficking.

You may be curious about human trafficking, you may be required to take training for your job or school, or you may be looking for contact hours of education as Continuing Education Units (CEU or CEC).

No matter why, we are here to teach you about a very real topic, human trafficking. 

This course is far beyond a typical PowerPoint presentation. You truly get involved through your phone or computer browser. Multiple forms of teaching, critical thinking, and interactivity are incorporated to make the course interesting and informative for all students.

Beginning with a pressure-free assessment to gauge your improvement, there is over 30 minutes of video alongside 90 minutes of relatable lessons. Real-life stories, definitions, and statistics are brought to life through multiple interactive activities. It is victim-centered, research-based, and has measurable learning outcomes.

Course Completion requires 70% on the Post-Course Assessment. Earn your Certificate of Mastery for completing the course with 100%.

Continuing Education Credits: Project Management Institute

Building on a proud legacy dating to 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI) is a “for-purpose” organization working in nearly every country around the world to advance careers, strengthen organizational success, and enable changemakers with new skills and ways of working to maximize their impact. PMI offerings include globally recognized standards, certifications, online courses, thought leadership, tools, digital publications, and communities.

Human Trafficking Essentials accepted for CEU credit at Project Management Institute

Jennifer Bullard, PMP, Program Manager at Cubic: Human Trafficking Essentials has been approved by the Project Management Institute! My company does international business, and we have to be compliant with the Modern Slavery Act. I needed to understand the basics of human trafficking in order to execute our contracts properly.” 

Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading professional association for a growing community of millions of project professionals and changemakers worldwide.


Success spotlight: Criminal justice students at Governors State University

Governors State University is a public university in University Park, Illinois. The 750 acres campus is located 30 miles south of Chicago, Illinois. GSU was founded in 1969. It is a public university offering degree programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

Criminal Justice students learning about human trafficking

Governors State University criminal justice students are learning the fundamentals of human trafficking through our online course, Human Trafficking Essentials.

“This course set the standard for all my online classes,” claimed one criminal justice student. “Not only was I able to use any web browser 24 hours a day, but the content was always engaging and taught me things from different directions.” They continued“Human Trafficking Essentials gave me a new way to think about keeping myself and my family safe from online predators, which I had never even considered as a problem before.”

Governors State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree unique explores the causes of crime by understanding several theoretical approaches. The program explores how crime impacts multiple social groups within society, particularly, race, class, and gender.