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Amanda’s Story – Internet Safety Video

Testimony from a victim of assault from an predator… This is Amanda, and this is her story.

Learn more about Safe Surfin' Foundation here.

The Safe Surfin' Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit Cyber Safety and Responsibility educational initiative, created by professionals in 1998, and dedicated not only to protecting youth from those who would do them harm, but pro-actively educating them in the safe and responsible use of today's ever-changing technology. Together, we're improving and saving lives. Please join us in our quest.

Unedited YouTube Transcript

hi I'm Amanda and I'm a spokesperson for
safe surfing foundation it is my job in
my mission ever since I was 13
to help educate our youth on the dangers
of online predators on the Internet and
also to educate our youth and the
parents on how to be safe and taking
proper precautions while surfing the
internet daily when I was 13 my mom and
dad brought home our first family
computer it was something really neat
that we had never had in our home before
we were excited to explore the options
that we now had at her fingertips one
day I was on the internet and came
across a website that our school had set
up for everyone in our grades from six
to eight it was an area where we were
able to talk about homework sports and
other highlights that were going on with
our friends I got really excited that
everybody was coming together we started
our own chat room that we could all just
talk about everything our families our
friends school anything that bothered us
that day that afternoon I got an instant
message I didn't know who the person was
so of course I asked hi who are you how
do you know us and they just kind of
came across saying I'm a friend of
somebody you know
little by little he started asking me
questions about myself and I about him
he told me he was a boy from the beach
and I told him that I was from a small
city and then he told me he played
football I told him about my soccer team
and how we played games every week and
practiced and that my jersey number was
number five he told me his football
jersey was number five as well so then
we had another common bond the more we
started talking he started asking me
more questions but I didn't think much
of it like what's your school colors
mine are red and black so of course I
said well mine are black and silver how
neat those would go great together so we
just formed a great friendship and it
was really nice little did I know that
that person on the other side of the
computer screen was a grown adult his
profile had all the signs of being a
fourteen-year-old teenager just like we
were he played football soccer had
friends went to the mall went to the
beach and surfed everything that we only
dreamed that we could do but we didn't
live at the beach he talked like we did
he had pictures of a younger gentleman
that could have been a teenager and he
really played the game well this
stranger drove four and a half hours and
found out my routine he knew where I
lived where I went to school he knew
when I got off the bus and when my
parents went to work he knew everything
about me even down to where my practices
were for soccer and cheerleading he
would drive back and forth to learn
these routines like the back of his hand
then one Sunday afternoon it was a day
that changed my life my mom and I woke
up to go to church like every Sunday and
we decided to have lunch and go shopping
afterwards I quickly reminded her on our
way to the mall that I had to be at a
babysitting job soon after and that we
couldn't be too long after my mother and
I finished lunch we went home I changed
clothes and began to walk to my next
babysitting job as I was walking down
the road I
noticed a green truck following me
before I knew it he stopped I rolled
down his window and asked if I was
Amanda before I could answer he opened
the door and threw me in I was frozen in
shock and completely terrified he then
took me to a local hotel where this
online predator held me for hours
against my will I was brutally raped
assaulted and I didn't know if I would
ever go home again after being held
captive for five and a half hours this
online predator dropped me off on the
side of the road where my mother and the
police were waiting the police gave
chase and caught him at the end of the
cul-de-sac where they made the arrests
after my abduction I felt alone and lost
I didn't think I would ever be the same
again I blamed myself and I blamed my
parents but deep down it wasn't our
fault it was the Predators fault
I was lucky many kids don't make it home
after an experience like that
for the past 14 years I've made it my
life mission to work with the safe
surfing foundation to help educate
today's kids and their parents about the
dangers that lurk on the Internet
please join me on the surf surfing
foundation to help educate our children
so that what happened to me will never
happen to another child again