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PBJ Learning Announces New Advisory Board Member Ariane Gandy

Co-founder of Foster Innovations joins human trafficking prevention training leadership

Ariane Gandy, PBJ Advisor and Co-founder of Foster Innovations

, the creator of Human Trafficking Essentials, a leading series of human trafficking and prevention courses, is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to its Advisory Board, Ariane Gandy. 

She is a Co-founder of Foster Innovations, a nonprofit creating a new way to provide guidance and oversight to children and youth underserved in the child welfare system.

“The moment I met Ari, I knew she was always going to give it to me straight,” exclaims Billy Joe Cain, co-founder of PBJ Learning. “She and I passionately agree that the only way we are going to turn the tide in this trafficking epidemic is to start with an honest awakening to the reality of trafficking: it's real, it's happening to people all over the world, it is also happening near you, and you can do something about it. I'm proud to say I've agreed to help advise her in any way I can, too!”

Her passion for change comes not only from her lived experience in the system but also from time spent as a foster parent and therapeutic childcare specialist in a rehabilitation treatment center for abused and severely neglected children.

Gandy is excited about coming on board with PBJ Learning, “I truly believe the marrying of our organizations can create great change.” She continues, “having Billy Joe be an ongoing advisor to Foster Innovations will help develop new programs and awareness in our organization as a whole.” 

She is very passionate about the things that go unnoticed, like the gap between kids in the system and those trafficked into other cycles of trauma.

Cain says, “Too many adults are afraid of the topic, which means they perpetuate their ignorance or misunderstandings (of human trafficking) to their children, students, and others. We have to find a way to reduce this fear to help them learn how they can, at least, assess their vulnerabilities, honestly, and know what to do if they need help.” He explains, “Ari is going to help us figure out how to become a better part of the solution.”

Gandy brings her experience within the foster system to the group and offers guidance on accuracy in our materials, including having reviewed PBJ Learning's Human Trafficking Essentials Online Certificate Course.

Throughout her career, even as an Insurance Agent, Ariane has been an advocate and voice for others suffering loss and trauma. She creates opportunities to hold a hand while guiding others through spaces attempting to silence them.

Cain summarizes, “Ari brings a perspective to our board that is very welcomed. Not only is she very experienced in foster care, she is relentlessly focused on making an educational impact. I see great things in this shared partnership.”


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