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United for Human Rights – Know Your Human Rights E-Course



Assessment-based Certificate: Yes. There are questions throughout that relate strongly to the material you need to know. You receive a downloadable certificate for completing the course.

Interactivity: Lots of questions that make you think about the material. All questions are multiple choice. Making people click on that is far better than nothing, but it's still not experiential learning by any stretch.

Duration: The videos are the longest part, as the questions are pretty simple (if you watch the videos), and I think most people can complete the course in less than an hour.

They could and should fix this, given the seriousness of the topic.

Course Description: Free Human Rights E‑Course. Do you know your rights? The fact is, most people can't name more than a handful of the 30 human rights we all share. Yet these same rights guarantee our safety, our security and our very lives. This interactive course offers an introduction to human rights and outlines their development through history up to the present day. It teaches you about the world's most important human rights documents and every article of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Start right now, because when you know your rights, they can never be taken away.

Review: Great videos with multiple choice questions throughout, at appropriate times. There's no “big test” at the end, nor is there an assessment of what you knew vs what you learned during the course. The quality is FANTASTIC! If you are trying to get people to understand there are HUMAN RIGHTS, this is the best course I've ever seen to do that. 

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