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State Agencies and Organizations That Combat Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

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The below information is reprinted from the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Child Welfare Information Gateway is a service of the Children’s BureauAdministration for Children and FamiliesU.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Includes State-level organizations that provide information on preventing, identifying, and responding to child and youth sex trafficking and exploitation. If you are aware of any others, please contact Child Welfare Information Gateway at [email protected]. Inclusion on this list is for information purposes and does not constitute an endorsement by Child Welfare Information Gateway or the Children’s Bureau.


End it Alabama

P.O. Box 4787
Huntsville, Alabama 35815
TTY: (888) 373-7888
END IT Alabama is a project of the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force consisting of State representatives with multidisciplinary backgrounds that meet once a quarter at the Alabama State House. The Task Force focuses on combating all aspects of human trafficking by implementing a comprehensive prevention and response system.

American State Flag - Alaska akAlaska

Human Trafficking

The Alaska Institute for Justice provides State-specific legislation and other relevant information to combat human trafficking in Alaska.

American State Flag - Arizona azArizona

Human Trafficking Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Phone: (602) 542-4043
The Governor’s Office offers resources and training for child welfare professionals and community members to identify and intervene in child trafficking.


The Centers for Youth and Families

P.O. Box 251970
Little Rock, Arkansas 72225
Phone: (501) 666-8686
https://www.centersforyouthandfamilies.net/ (Editor’s note: the website was down on 8/2022)
The Centers for Youth and Families provide specialized prevention, intervention and treatment services that promote emotional and social wellness for children and families in Arkansas.


California Department of Social Services, Commercially Sexually Exploited Children

Phone: (916) 651-6160
California Department of Social Services (CDSS) offers selected protocols that promote cross collaboration including interagency protocols and a list of specialized service providers by county.


Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare, Human Trafficking Working Group

The Human Trafficking Working Group consists of representatives from a wide range of local and statewide agencies. Its focus is on developing a statewide child welfare response to human trafficking by using the 4 Ps: Prevention, Prosecution, Protection, and Partnerships.


Connecticut Department of Children and Families, Human Anti-Trafficking Response Team (HART)

Human Anti-Trafficking Response Team (HART) is a coalition of six interdisciplinary response teams across the State that was created to prevent and reduce domestic minor sex trafficking.


Statewide Council Human Trafficking

The Statewide Council on Human Trafficking works to combat human trafficking by developing and making recommendations to enhance the care options for victims of human trafficking. The Council also works with the Department of Children and Families to maintain a list of human trafficking services available across the State.

American State Flag - Georgia gaGeorgia

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Human Trafficking Task Force

The Human Trafficking Task Force‘s objective is to eradicate human trafficking within the State of Georgia by working on eight objectives, several of which are specifically focused on children and youth.


Rescuing Hope

Rescuing Hope‘s mission is to enlighten the public about about sex trafficking in America, educate potential victims and first responders, and empower advocates and survivors.



YouthSpark is an advocacy organization whose focus is reducing child exploitation and sex trafficking rates. YouthSpark offers services for youth, conducts investigative research, advocates for policy, and develops and provides training.


Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Response Team

Toll-Free: 866-ENDHTGA
The mission of the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia (CACGA) Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSEC) Response Team is to serve as the central point of contact for victims of CSEC and the agencies that support them, for a more coordinated and effective system response to commercial sexual exploitation. As the State’s recognized enhanced collaborative model for CSEC Response, CACGA provides direct services for victims in the form of assessment, case management, and advocacy and facilitates training and outreach to help build infrastructure and community capacity.


Revved Up Kids, Inc.

Phone: (678) 526-3335
Revved Up Kids is a 501c3 nonprofit serving the metro-Atlanta area. Revved Up Kids provides sexual abuse and exploitation training programs. Since 2010, it has equipped thousands of children and teens with the information and tools necessary to identify unsafe people, avoid dangerous situations, escape attackers, and protect themselves from sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.


Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition

Phone: (208) 630-6601
The Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition works alongside community members in providing awareness, education, services, and safe housing for victims of sex trafficking.


Community Outreach Behavioral Services

Community Outreach Behavioral Services (COBS) is an anti-trafficking nonprofit organization that provides trauma care for victims of human trafficking across Idaho. COBS shares resources and works closely with service providers, law enforcement, and volunteers to rescue and serve victims and survivors of human trafficking.


Human Trafficking of Children

The Illinois DCFS website provides general information about child sex trafficking and links to specific resources.


Indiana Attorney General

The Indiana Protection for Abused and Trafficked Humans (IPATH) Task Force on the Indiana Attorney General website features selected materials and training resource to educate youth and adults and raise awareness about the problem of human trafficking.


The Iowa Network against Human Trafficking and Slavery

The Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery is the only statewide volunteer organization devoted exclusively to ending human trafficking in all its forms.


Office of Child Abuse and Human Trafficking Prevention and Prosecution

The Office of and Human Trafficking Prevention and Prosecution was created to prevent and protect Kentucky’s children from becoming victims of abuse and sexual exploitation and to raise awareness of the prevalence of human trafficking across the State.


The Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network

The Maine Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Network provides training, technical assistance, and resources to direct service providers engaged in antitrafficking efforts in Maine as well as community awareness and public policy support. The effort is supported by a statewide Provider Council, and it is a program of the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault.


Sex Trafficking Maryland Child Protective Services

Toll-Free: 1-800-332-6347
Along with the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force, the Maryland Department of Human Services has responded to the needs of minors who have been victims of trafficking. DHS plays a significant role in helping to identify suspected victims of trafficking and connecting them with available supports and services.

American State Flag - Massachusetts maMassachusetts

Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force

The Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force addresses all aspects of human trafficking through service development, system change, public awareness, and training.


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services connects to protocols and aftercare information related to the trafficking of children in the State of Michigan.

American State Flag - Minnesota mnMinnesota

Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force

Toll-Free: 1-866-223-1111
The Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force addresses human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Minnesota through increasing cross-system collaborative responses.


Missouri Attorney General

The resources on the Office of Public Instruction website have been compiled to empower parents, educators, child-care providers, and community members to protect children against sex trafficking and other forms of child sexual abuse.


Missouri Coalition Against Trafficking & Exploitation (CATE)

Phone: (314) 441-4100
Coalition Against Trafficking & Exploitation (CATE) seeks to prevent human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation within Missouri by building awareness around prevalence, treatment, and resources. CATE maintains a strong coalition of partners, members, and a community network to build skills among service providers in the field of trafficking.


Montana Department of Justice

The Montana Department of Justice has a continued commitment to victims of human trafficking. In partnership with Federal authorities, this agency plays a key role in the investigation, enforcement, and prosecution of crimes related to human trafficking in Montana.


Office of Public Instruction

The resources on the Office of Public Instruction website have been compiled to empower parents, educators, child-care providers, and community members to protect children against sex trafficking and other forms of child sexual abuse

American State Flag - Nebraska neNebraska

Task Force on Human Trafficking

Phone: (402) 471-2194
The Task Force on Human Trafficking highlights research reports and meeting minutes.


Nevada Attorney General

The Office of the Nevada Attorney General website highlights resources for Nevadans to address human trafficking in their State, including hotlines and educational materials.

New Jersey

New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking

https://www.njhumantrafficking.org/# (Editor’s note: website was down on 8/2022)
The New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking is a network of over 150 statewide organizations that coordinates community efforts to address human trafficking in the State of New Jersey.

New York

New York State Office of Children and Family Services

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services provides training and support to professionals working with children and youth who have been sexually exploited or trafficked.

North Carolina

Project No Rest

Project No Rest is a statewide project to increase awareness and prevention around human trafficking. Its website explains the ways in which communities and professionals can intervene in the lives of trafficked children.


Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force

The Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force highlights coalitions, laws, campaigns, and reports about preventing human trafficking in Ohio.


Oregon Attorney General’s Trafficking Intervention Advisory Committee

Phone: (503) 378-5348
As a service of the Oregon Department of Justice, Crime Victim and Survivor Services Division, the Trafficking Intervention Advisory Committee advises and supports the State’s Attorney General’s work developing a coordinated statewide response to child and youth sex trafficking. The committee also works to ensure that all survivors of trafficking in Oregon have access to support services.


Pennsylvania County Anti-Trafficking Coalitions – Not in My Back Yard

Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) is an organization that focuses on raising awareness about modern day slavery and helping individuals and groups to understand how they can make a difference. The NIMBY website compiles information about various county-level antitrafficking coalitions across Pennsylvania.

South Dakota

South Dakota West River Human Trafficking Task Force

South Dakota’s West River Human Trafficking Task Force exists as a collaboration of diverse organizations and individuals connected to combat the issue of trafficking in persons by raising awareness, providing information and education, advocating for prosecution of offenders, and supporting human trafficking victims and survivors.

American State Flag - Tennessee tnTennessee

It Has To Stop

It Has To Stop outlines contributing factors to human trafficking as well as the ways in which Tennessee citizens can respond to and help prevent trafficking.


The Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking

The Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking is organized to combat domestic minor sex trafficking through educating the community, engaging in legal research, collaborating with front line organizations, and providing resources to public officials to promote positive legislative change.


Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website connects to State-specific resources that define human trafficking and explain effective response systems.


Utah Trafficking in Persons Task Force

The Task Force section of the Utah Attorney General website highlights definitions of key indicators, myths, and facts of human trafficking and a tip line to report it.


Virginia Department of Social Services

The Virginia Department of Social Services features prevention training designed for local departments of social services staff and community partners within the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Washington Department of Commerce

The Washington State Department of Commerce provides indicators of child sexual exploitation and State-specific contacts and services available in Washington.


Washington’s Task Force Against Trafficking of Persons

The Washington’s Task Force Against Trafficking of Persons section of the Office of the Attorney General website explains how human trafficking most frequently manifests in Washington State and provides information about law enforcement efforts to address the crime.


Washington Trafficking Prevention (WTP)

P.O. Box 776
Tacoma, Washington 98401
Washington Trafficking Prevention (WTP) is a survivor-led organization that aims to prevent human trafficking in Washington State by equipping the vulnerable and engaging communities through primary prevention and community grassroots partnerships.

West Virginia

West Virginia Center for Children’s Justice

The West Virginia Children’s Justice Center Human Trafficking Project illustrates the State’s multipronged approach to identifying, preventing, and responding to child trafficking.


Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

The Wisconsin Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force is a State-level task force co-chaired by the Secretary of Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Attorney General of Wisconsin. Details about the State’s trafficking response plan and workgroups are included on the DCF website.


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