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DeliverFund partners with Airbnb to combat human trafficking

  • The is frequently exploited by human traffickers
  • DeliverFund is a counter-human trafficking member of Airbnb’s Trust & Safety Advisory Coalition (TSAC)
  • DeliverFund uses relevant data and expert analysis to proactively identify human trafficking risk

DALLAS, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DeliverFund, a Dallas-based nonprofit intelligence organization that leverages cutting-edge technology to combat human trafficking, announced its membership in Airbnb’s newly formed Trust & Safety Advisory Coalition (TSAC). According to Airbnb, the TSAC’s goal “is to focus on proactive solutions that keep community and user safety at the forefront.”

DeliverFund has been a major force in combatting human trafficking operations across the United States and is now working internationally as well. Their approach is guided by extensive work with and survivors. The company collects relevant data and disseminates intelligence to help corporations make informed decisions regarding human trafficking risks. Beyond the psychological and physical toll on vulnerable communities, human trafficking is estimated to be a $150 billion problem globally.

“The hospitality industry has elevated risk when it comes to modern slavery, from both commercial sex exploitation and labor trafficking,” said DeliverFund President of Commercial Operations Greg Switzer. “The traditional approach of spotting indicators through personal interaction is quickly becoming obsolete with the industry’s move to digital engagement models. Airbnb is deeply committed to helping prevent modern slavery in all its forms, protecting their users and hosts, and ultimately keeping communities safer. We’re excited to have a seat at the table and be part of this important work.”

Kara Smith, DeliverFund’s Director of Commercial Analysis, said that human traffickers operate with a similar business model as any legitimate business, using the same technologies as everyone else.

“These criminals use the same platforms that we all do to scale their illicit businesses, yet to date, efforts used to combat human trafficking have been reactive versus proactive,” said Smith. “We counter this by using data and analytics to locate known traffickers and their victims in real time. Our approach makes it possible for businesses to better understand the source of their risk and work in front of the problem.

“As more businesses incorporate DeliverFund’s technology, this will have a cumulative effect on the illicit business of human trafficking and reduce it at scale.”

You can be part of the fight to keep our communities safe from human trafficking. Click the button below to donate today!



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