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International online forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live.”

supports and will participate in the International forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live.”

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It is a large-scale and unprecedented event, organized thanks to the independent unification of millions of people from 180 countries on the Creative Society platform. It will be broadcast around the world on tens of thousands of channels on social and media platforms. The event is initiated and implemented on a volunteer basis by people's efforts and resources.

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Humanity's last war has begun

It is an undeclared war

For the first time in history, all of humanity is facing a common external enemy. This enemy is the climate. In the face of planetary danger, it is necessary to unite all people for the future of humanity. Because we are people, and we want to live.

The purpose of the forum is

  • to truthfully and objectively inform humanity about the increasing danger of climate and environmental disasters
  • to reflect the real scale of the multiple crises of the consumerist format of society
  • and to consider practical solutions to overcome all the crises by building the Creative Society

Key topics of the forum:

  • Climate. Сommon enemy of the entire humanity
  • Record-breaking speed of climate cataclysms. Why are the world media silent about the scale of threats?
  • Modern collaborationism. Who plays on the side of humanity's common enemy?
  • The true cause of global climate change. Who conceals the truth from people, and why?
  • Influence of astronomic processes and their cyclicity on the climate
  • Climate disasters from the perspective of eyewitnesses
  • Refugees. Why does this concern everyone?
  • Escalation of violence in society
  • Slavery and human trafficking
  • Critical environmental situation during escalating cataclysms as a threat of the planet's destruction
  • Threat of hunger and drinking water shortage on the planet
  • Loan slavery. Problems and a solution
  • How do climate change and the aggravating environmental situation affect human health?
  • What environmental consequences has humanity's thoughtless consumerist activity resulted in?
  • Unpreparedness of rescue agencies for global cataclysms
  • Why is it impossible to use innovative technology for the benefit of all people in the consumerist format of society?
  • Urgent need to mobilize and unite all the forces of humanity
  • Practical solutions to all crises by building the Creative Society
  • If you are an expert in any of the above-mentioned topics, or you are the one who knows in practice about the atrocities of the consumerist format, human slavery, and the problems of refugees, or if you are a witness to climate cataclysms, please contact us.
Who else but you will tell the truth!

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