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REVIEW: Unbound – Identifying & Responding to Human Trafficking: Commercial Lodging & Hospitality Industry


Cost: Free. 

Assessment-based Certificate: No. You only need to watch the video. 

Interactivity: None.

Duration: ~30 minutes.

Course Description: This training satisfies the requirements of Texas House Bill 390 for training for hotel employees through the Human Trafficking and Transnational / Organized Crime Division of the Office of the Attorney General.

Course Objectives

    • Understand what human trafficking is,
    • Discover requirements for commercial lodging and the hospitality industry,
    • Learn specific signs to look for based on your role, and
    • Be prepared to make a report of suspected human trafficking.

Review: Good material delivered as a voiceover / slide show. Certificate after you watch video.

  • My video review below has some callouts in it. 
  • As an education course, it meets the minimum legal requirements.
  • It's great that you can scrub the video and change its speed. It could have been only 20 minutes long (required by law), but they went to 30 minutes.
  • Lots of emphasis on MALE trafficking, which is a HUGE improvement over other courses. 
  • There's no “video”; it's all static images.
  • The speaker knows their material and is authoritative. 
  • All in all, I was left wanting more. It was too much like a slideshow.
  • It's always sad when there's no assessment.
  • It's nice they had pre-video questionnaire and post-video review forms. I might add that into our work one day.
  • Couple of good screenshots at the bottom of the blog I had to share with you!

Language support: Video is in English. No subtitles.

Additional Resources: There are no downloadable resources.

Link to course: Click here.

The full course and review

You'll get to see the entire course from login to certificate. 

From Unbound

This training is provided to you at no cost by Unbound. Unbound supports survivors and resources communities to fight human trafficking. We appreciate your time and cannot emphasize enough what an important role you can play in identifying trafficking situations and helping victims find freedom.

Unbound Online Course Review: Identifying and Responding to Human Trafficking Commercial Lodging and Hospitality Industry, Certificate earned by Billy Joe Cain on 2022-03-28

Great visual of the types of methods that traffickers use to trick victims.

Unbound resources: Types of traffickers

What you should do as a hotel employee

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