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What is the Love146 Employment and Education Program?

This week at Love146, we’ve had a generous donor match donations to celebrate Women’s History Month. We’ve decided to have 100% of all donations go toward our Employment and Education program. Today is the last day to donate here and have your match doubled.

This program fuels services for youth in our Survivor Care program. Young people are most likely to recover from trafficking and remain from it when they have the skills, resources, and confidence to attain financial independence – that’s why your gift matters.

Many times, youth are vulnerable to trafficking because they or their families lack financial resources to meet basic needs. In some cases, youth may even become financially dependent on their traffickers. Helping youth find a vocation that pays their bills can bring them joy and reduce their risk of exploitation.

Applications and transcripts, registration, financial aid, scholarship applications, program selection — even getting legal documents that may be missing – these things can be overwhelming for any student – let alone those who are working through trauma. We help youth navigate the systems and hurdles so it doesn’t keep them from getting where they want to go.

Typical workforce training programs often ask questions like “How have you earned money in the past? What are your skill sets?” Youth who have experienced trafficking, may not know how to respond to such questions or may worry that they will be judged if they answer honestly. Because of our previous relationships, we are able to help youth achieve educational and employment success in a manner that understands their history, respects their achievements, and above all is trauma-informed. Beyond a trauma-informed foundation, our Education and Employment program teaches youth skills such as developing a resume and interviewing which give building blocks for lifelong successful career growth.

Everyone deserves to have important milestones such as getting your first job or graduating a vocational program celebrated. This is especially true for youth in our care. Your gift allows Love146 social workers to show up with a gift, a hug, a meal at a nice restaurant, an exciting outing, and happy tears as youth achieve and surpass milestones.

If you support this cause and want double the impact, click here to donate before the week is up.



This “Eyes on Trafficking” story is reprinted from Love146.


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