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Tarrant County 5 Stones February 2022 Meeting

Here is our recorded meeting link and chat notes for our 5 Stones February 2022 meeting!

Our February 5 Stones meeting featured Senior Staff Attorney Caroline Roberts with Children at Risk as she discussed legislative updates as it relates to human trafficking.

Here is the link to the recorded meeting:

Here is Caroline's presentation deck:

The chat log is how our audience was able to introduce themselves and their agencies. Here is the link to the chat log:

This month we had two agency announcements:

  • Karen Wiseman – 5 Stones Foundation:
    • The Foundation is now accepting grant applications.  To apply for a grant, agencies must first be an approved 5 Stones member.  To become a member agency or to apply for a grant, please email Felicia.Grantham@fortworthtexas.gov.     

For those wanting to get more involved, follow the link below to see a list of ways you can participate in anti-trafficking efforts!

How Can I Help List:

Thank you for joining us!  

Felicia Grantham, Founder
Tarrant County 5-Stones Taskforce

TC 5 Stones February 2022

This month we heard from our partners for case updates, then the main presentation was by Senior Staff Attorney Caroline Roberts with Children at Risk as she informed us about recent and upcoming legislative updates. Caroline Roberts serves as the Senior Staff Attorney at Children at Risk, advocating for policies that positively impact the lives of children. Caroline also serves as vice-chair on the Houston American Constitution Society board. Caroline attended New York University School of Law, where she served as symposium editor for the Environmental Law Journal. Before law school, Caroline graduated with a B.A. in psychology from Duke University. After graduation, she moved to Beijing to teach English to children and then to Shanghai where she taught writing and Western culture at Jiaotong University.