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Education Partnerships With Non-profits

Does your non-profit train your staff about human trafficking? 

PBJ Learning believes the answer to human trafficking (modern slavery) begins with PREVENTucation.

Human trafficking can be prevented through effective, accurate education, so to reach the broadest audience possible, with the most consistent training, we created an interactive online course that can be scaled, worldwide, through a web browser.

Far more than a webinar / slideshow presentation, its interactive presentation is engaging, thorough, and effective for today’s digital natives, and it is available 24 hours a day. 

Human Trafficking Essentials is a treasure; a course with evidence of strategic and methodical implementation of diverse teaching strategies to reach every learner with or without prior human trafficking knowledge.” – Certified Nurse Educator Dr. Marielle Combs, DNP, RN, CNE, and advisor for PBJ Learning

Through an education partnership with PBJ Learning, you can offer your colleagues an unparalleled assessment-based certificate course that is currently training criminal justice students at Governors University, College of DuPage, and project management professionals around the world (Project Management Institute, International Game Developers Association).

The course certificate is guaranteed to meet the requirements of any employer or state agency.

PBJ Learning would like to be your chosen educational partner by providing you and your colleagues access to our interactive online course, Human Trafficking Essentials, available here.

Human Trafficking training course: Human Trafficking Essentials Online Certificate Human Trafficking Course

Does your organization currently recommend any online courses for human trafficking awareness training? 

We believe Human Trafficking Essentials will exceed your expectations, but if it does not, we will address your concerns.

Contact us for your free review code and to start the process of becoming an education partner!

Billy Joe Cain

PBJ Learning Creative Director, Co-Founder
[email protected]

PS Please share this with anyone that may be interested in this opportunity.

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