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REVIEW: iEmpathize Empower Youth Program


This course is NOT specifically focused upon human trafficking, like the majority of courses we review. This is an 80-ish minute course meant to help children find ways to navigate adolescence and enter adulthood by learning who they can trust (an oversimplification, duh).

It is a heartbreakingly important course that Billy Joe heartily recommends for all children and parents.

  • Cost: Free. 
  • Assessment-based Certificate: Yes.
  • Interactivity: Yes.
  • Duration: It took me 80 minutes to go through the program. The vast majority of this material was educational. You can see the whole thing in the video.
  • Course description: The iEmpathize Empower Youth Program is a five-module curriculum that can be used by anyone who provides services directly to youth, such as teachers, youth program directors, counselors, mentors, therapists, and more. It has two chief objectives: to equip youth with personal safety strategies, and to nurture their empathy for others. By inspiring students to develop empathy for those around them, our curriculum distinguishes itself both as an exploitation prevention tool as well as a character education program with far-reaching transformative potential for your school, classroom, or youth program.
  • Review: They aren’t kidding when they say “Far-reaching transformative potential.” I have been promoting this course to adults that have challenges with learning who they can trust.
  • Link to course: https://iempathize.org/courses/the-empower-youth-program-online/
  • Additional details: Full video review and a brief summary below.

“Very real, very honest, and very well done”

Adults should take this course immediately so they can understand what children are dealing with. 

Wow. This is a heartbreaking commentary on our society, YET it also shows hope by giving specific examples of how children can navigate the world around them. 

I literally gave this a standing ovation and it deserves it. 

Human trafficking plays a PART in the messaging but it is put in perspective within all the other societal issues that children encounter, from bullying, social media pressure, community violence, depression, and many other issues. 

I think a parent would have a tough time getting through this. 

I have some adults that I am going to make watch a few of these videos. 

Excellent use of INTERACTIVE education as well!!


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