Online Human Trafficking Prevention Course Review Series
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Online Human Trafficking Prevention Course Review Series

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As an online course provider, we have to understand the market, and we want share what we have learned with you.

This set of reviews focuses on courses that the general public can take for free with no professional affiliations or prerequisites. 

We have added PAID courses, below, due to popular demand for these reviews.

These details are in every review

  • Cost: Free. You must be able to take this course right now, for free.
  • Assessment-based Certificate: Is there a certificate at all? If there is a certificate, does it prove you learned anything specific?
  • Interactivity: Does the course itself (i.e. not a test) offer anything interactive that helps you practice with the material? Interactive learning is six times better than passively watching videos or reading.
  • Duration: How long is the training? Of the training, how much is actual educational material?
  • Course description: What is the description from the provider?
  • Review: A brief assessment by our reviewer.
  • Link to course: A clickable link to the course itself.
  • Additional details: Anything special or interesting related to the course should be added here. 
Online Human Trafficking Prevention Course Review Series

The following reviews are of free online courses.

Paid courses, added by popular demand

The following reviews are of paid online courses.

Tell us what you think

Online courses change frequently. Statistics and new information are brought to light constantly. These reviews can only be valid on the day they are posted, so when things change, we would love to know!

Our goal is providing correct information, so if we get something wrong, please tell us.

About our courses

We call our online education methodology preventucation. Learn more about preventucation here.

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