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REVIEW: Hotel Training from Guardian Group

Online Course Review Series

This is a part of a series of reviews of online anti-trafficking courses.


Cost: $5.00

Assessment-based Certificate: Unknown.

Interactivity: Unknown.

Duration: Unknown.

Course description: A course for hotel management and staff to equip themselves with the knowledge necessary to recognize, respond and report human trafficking. Protect yourself, your property and your guests. (See Course Outline, below, for topics covered.)

Review: To be completed. I am only reviewing FREE courses right now, so this one is on hold. They have a LOT of materials on their site for research and learning. All the free stuff is below.

Link to course: Click here

Additional free resources: I have dug around their website a lot and it’s a bit big and, unfortunately, confusing. They have some amazing tools and data there, if you dig in. 

Hotel Training from Guardian Group: Price $5


The Guardian Seal® Training is the nation’s most effective, survivor- informed, actionable human trafficking training for the hospitality industry. Choose the training plan that best fits your needs and prevents predators from exploiting your business or your guests.

Does my state require me to train my staff?

Legislation is beginning to change across the nation requiring human trafficking training within the hospitality industry. If your state has not passed a law yet, take the proactive approach and start protecting your property and guests now.

Check out the map below for more information on your state. (See the page for actual interactive map.)

Hotel Training from Guardian Group USA legislation
Hotel Training from Guardian Group Properties

There are five property logos on their site. Kawada is just one.

Course notes and materials

Access their “Guardian Seal® Hotel Course Notes” PDF. This has TONS of information hoteliers need. An image of page 1 (of 19) is below.

Linked materials from the course notes:

  • Opening video link here.
  • One DOJ “Louisiana Motel Owner Pleads Guilty in Sex Trafficking Case” web link here.
  • Closing video link here.

Course Outline

Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking Overview
  • Defining Human Trafficking

Intersection with the Hospitality Industry

  • Changes in Human Sex Trafficking
  • Point of Sale
  • Recognition of Human Sex Trafficking
  • Repercussions of Human Sex Trafficking
  • Where Hotels Stand on Human Sex Trafficking
  • Unit Close

Basic Recognition Training

  • Red Flag Interactive Indicators
  • Red Flag Indicators
  • All Staff
  • Valet, Concierge & Door Staff
  • Front Desk & Lobby Staff
  • Front Desk & Lobby Staff Cont.
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • Unit Close
  • Have You Seen Sex Trafficking

Basic Response Training

  • What to Do
  • What NOT to Do
  • Reporting Mechanism
  • Joining the Fight
  • Survey
  • Closing Video

Wrap Up

  • Course Feedback
  • Resources
  • Course References